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Makita Dustless Hammer Attachment Preview

Makita Dustless Hammer Attachment Preview

Makita debuted and released two new dust extraction solutions for concrete contractors at this year’s World of Concrete. These 2 new Makita Dustless Hammer Attachment: Grinder Dust Shroud and Dustless Hammer Attachment are engineered for cleaner, more efficient concrete surfacing and drilling, things that are ever increasing in importance since the new rollout of lead-based paint rules and other EPA-induced regulations. Makita offered hands-on demonstrations of the new Dustless Hammer Attachment, left, and Grinder Dust Shroud at the show.

Makita Dustless Hammer Attachment

New Dustless Hammer Attachment (193472-7)

The new dustless hammer attachment works with Makita SDS-PLUS corded and cordless rotary hammers. It features a 17″ hose, telescoping spring-loaded barrel, depth stop, bit size adjustment knobs and a built-in ruler. World of Concrete attendees tried out Makita’s new attachment and discovered several advantages versus competitive built-on systems, including better tool performance (competitor built-on vacuum motors share power with the tool resulting in less impact energy/BPMS), and longer cordless run time (battery has to power both the vacuum and tool motor on competitive tools, decreasing the tool runtime on one charge).

Makita Dustless Hammer Attachment - grinder dust shroud

Use of this attachment with most jobsite vacuums results in better suction and more efficient dust extraction. Because there is no vacuum motor or components attached to the tool, the Makita solution is more compact and has less weight than built-on systems. Lastly, most built-on systems have only a half-gallon capacity, increasing downtime from the frequent disposal of the collect material.

“Contractors are demanding more dust extraction solutions to reduce the amount of concrete dust created during tool usage. Makita is an innovator in the category with many convenient features on our new five-inch grinder dust shroud.  In addition, the new dustless hammer attachment for our SDS-PLUS corded and cordless hammers is engineered to help reduce the dust created from drilling without compromising tool performance.  Makita plans to launch several more innovative dust extraction solutions in the near future.”

Adam Livingston, Makita Product Manager, Commercial Products

New Grinder Dust Shroud (195236-5)

Makita’s new grinder dust shroud is designed to fit Makita 4-1/2″ – 5″ grinders.  It features a spring-loaded suspension system that keeps the shroud flush to the surface during movement and compensates for blade wear. The shroud has a removable edge piece for surface work flush to edges or other objects.  It also has soft brushes that help contain the dust and allow for smooth movement over the work surface.  The outside diameter of the extraction port will work with most standard vacuum hose systems. The new dust shroud is ideal for concrete finishing, concrete material removal and paint or surface coating removal.

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