Masterchem Unveils KILZ Pro-X Paint for Professionals

Masterchem Unveils KILZ Pro-X Paint for Professionals

At the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) last week, Masterchem Industries, manufacturer of top-of-the-line architectural coatings including Behr paint and its flagship KILZ brand products, debuted KILZ PRO-X Interior Latex Paint, the company’s newest product line specially engineered for painting and wall covering contractors, general contractors, residential remodelers, commercial and property managers, as well as professionals involved in new construction.

What struck us about this paint was the pitch given to us by one of the product managers. If you take a light-colored wall and draw on it with permanent marker – six coats later you’ll still see the marker. With KILZ Pro-X, you can completely hide the marker in just two coats. Anyone who has experienced this type of cover-up job will immediately understand the significance of performance paints.

Available exclusively at Home Depot, KILZ PRO-X will be offered in two series:

  • KILZ PRO-X 300 Series (Product #s 300, 310, 330 and 370): A high-quality interior latex paint series that offers premium performance with an environmental edge. This high-performance series provides exceptional touch-up, superior hide and great coverage, is low VOC and low odor, and can help a project qualify for LEED credits. Product 300 is a “Dead Flat” sheen available in five classic white colors. The 310 (Flat), 330 (Eggshell) and 370 (Semi-Gloss) products are available in a two-base system that can be tinted to more than 1,000 high-hiding colors. The KILZ PRO-X color palette is distinctively designed for professional trade applications.
  • KILZ PRO-X 100 Series (Product #s 100, 130 and 170): An economical production grade interior latex paint series ideal for ceilings and walls. It can be tinted to five classic white colors. The 100 series is available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss sheens.

The entire KILZ PRO-X product line has been formulated to optimize spray, roll and brush application, along with features including superior hide, coverage and touch-up – offering professionals dependable performance.

“The launch of KILZ PRO-X is an important step forward in Masterchem’s commitment to serve the professional market. KILZ PRO-X is the answer for professional tradespeople who are looking for quality products along with easy access, plentiful inventory and discounted pro pricing, and we’re confident this new line will live up to pros’ expectations.”

– Mike Walsh, VP of Marketing and New Product Development for Masterchem Industries

KILZ PRO-X paint and KILZ brand primers are available at The Home Depot in store and via job site delivery. KILZ PRO-X is part of a program that offers specialty services aimed to save painters, contractors, and other professionals time and money. These services include free delivery to a job site, an easily accessible and available inventory, order fulfillment in less than 72 hours, factory tinting for precise color matching, volume discounts and dedicated expert advice. For more information on KILZ PRO-X, visit

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