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Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench with PowerLength Handle 48-22-7213

Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench with PowerLength Handle 48-22-7213

When electricians need more power in their cutting pliers, extending the handle length is one way to make it happen. Why not apply the same principle when it comes to pipe wrenches? The new Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench with PowerLength Handle does just that.

10-Second Summary

  • 10″ pipe wrench jaw with 17″ handle
  • Offers more leverage without modifying a 10″ pipe wrench
  • Overbite jaw
  • Slim jaw profile
  • Price $42.49
  • Available in October 2018

The Cheater was certainly an innovative way to give plumbers more leverage when they need it but a more compact length when they don’t. The Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench just goes for the extra length, essentially creating a high-leverage form of a 10″ pipe wrench by giving it a 17″ handle.

Pricing is still to be determined, but we expect to see online retailers accepting pre-orders soon for the October 2018 launch.

What Milwaukee Says

“Since the 10” pipe wrench was brought to market decades ago it has experienced very little change in overall form and function. Users have often had to modify this tool with a piece of conduit or pipe to achieve the additional reach and leverage needed in low clearances. Our new 10L Pipe Wrench is uniquely different from any other 10” offering because we are the first to challenge the historical length of this tool.  Through a new-to-world 17” POWERLENGTH Handle, this pipe wrench will give users maximum leverage and the best access in tight spots – something they’ve needed for close to 90 years.”

– Brian Doyle, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

New Milwaukee Pipe Wrench Offerings

The Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench with PowerLength Handle isn’t the only new pipe wrench coming to the line. It joins 13 other steel and aluminum models that range from 6″ to 60″ in length.

  • 48-22-7213: 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH Handle
  • 48-22-7106: 6” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7108: 8” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7124: 24” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7136: 36” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7236: 36” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7148: 48” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7248: 48” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7160: 60” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7171: Steel Offset Hex Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7186: 12” Smooth Jaw Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7184: 14” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7185: 18” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7182: 24” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench

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