Milwaukee Hickory Hammer Blends Classic Style with Modern Design News & Opinion

Milwaukee Hickory Hammer Blends Classic Style with Modern Design

The new Milwaukee Hickory Hammer is a welcome addition for many Pros who just want that classic style. Hickory handles are popular thanks to their vibration dampening abilities. That comfort level often trumps the extreme durability that you get with a steel framing hammer.

Other options like composite handles and titanium heads are fantastic, but drive up the price as they drive in nails. This hammer will only set you back around $25.


10-Second Summary

  • Vibration-dampening hickory handle
  • Smooth or milled face
  • Engineered for perfect balance and easier swing
  • $75.80

The head features a magnetic nail starter and an anti-ring claw design. Two options are available: either a milled or smooth face. Both weigh in at 19 ounces and have 16-inch handles.

Milwaukee Hickory Hammer Blends Classic Style with Modern Design

Overall, there’s not much that Milwaukee seems to have changed on the surface level. However, there’s no reason to ignore modern design techniques and Milwaukee tells us they’ve engineered a perfectly balanced hammer.

The precision of the design is the foundation of their claim that the Milwaukee Hickory Hammer will give you a more fluid and easy swing than the competition. There’s also mention of a “hybrid handle design”. A closer inspection reveals that they’re talking about are elements of an axe handle design bleeding through.

With the price set where it is, it’s not a huge investment to give it a shot and find out for yourself if the balance and handle design make a difference in your work.

The release date on these is set for October, so you should see the new hammers showing up at your favorite retailer soon.

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Full Feature Set

  • Magnetic nail set
  • Forged head
  • American hickory handle
  • Anti-ring claw design
  • Hybrid handle designed for balance


Milwaukee Hickory Hammer Specifications

  • Milled Face: 48-22-9419
  • Smooth Face: 48-22-9519
  • Weight: 19 ounces
  • Handle Length: 16″
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Price: $75.80

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