Mueller’s Announces Trade-Focused AWG Pasta Standard

Muellers AWG pasta standard

“What gauge spaghetti do you want?” That will be the call if Mueller’s gets its way following a recent announcement. The company, which was formed back in 1867, wants to embrace tradesmen by eschewing vague terms like “angel hair” and “linguini” for more easily understandable and universal AWG pasta standard sizes. This standardizes an otherwise confusing litany of pasta names in favor of a strict gauge-centric pasta designation based on diameter.

Mueller’s AWG Pasta Standard Conversions

To help you better understand the new Mueller AWG pasta sizing, the company came up with the following conversion scale:

DiameterAWG Equivalent
Vermicelli.086 in / 2.2 mm11 AWG
Spaghetti.077 in / 1.96 mm12 AWG
Vermicellini.070 in / 1.77 mm13 AWG
Fidelini.056 in / 1.42 mm15 AWG
Capellini (Angel Hair).033 in / 0.085 mm20 AWG

The largest pasta size, vermicelli, has a diameter between 0.082 and 0.091 inches (or 2.08 and 2.30 mm) and will now go by the designation “11AWG pasta”.

Traditional spaghetti falls just under that and shall forevermore be known as “12-gauge pasta”. Moving down the line we have 13-gauge vermicellini, 15-gauge fidelini, and your traditional “angel hair” or capellini which we shall now call “20-gauge pasta”.

What About Spiral Pasta?

Mueller’s hasn’t forgotten about their spiral pasta products. At present, they don’t have an adequate solution to designate and classify these sundry products. For now, it seems, cannelloni, ravioli, conchiglie, penne, macaroni, rigatoni, and others will still have their traditional names.

The real question is how long it will take Barilla, San Giorgio, Kraft, Ronzoni, and others to get on board with the new AWG pasta standard.

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