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New Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits

Big Improvements Come to the New Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits

Speed and longevity are important qualities in drill bits, particularly with spade bits. So, Irwin has taken the popular Speedbor Spade Bit line and made significant changes. They claim the new design improves its cut speed and durability. Compared to the last-gen Speedbor bits, Irwin says these new models cut twice as fast for twice as long.

10-Second Summary

  • Claim: Cuts 2x faster and 2x longer than last-gen bits
  • Chamfered cutting edges
  • Refined Blue Groove Design
  • Reinforced 1/4-inch shank
  • Optimized point tip


What Has Irwin Changed on the New Bits?

The older Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits were no slouches, though we did find that there were other options that cut marginally faster and smoother, and for a bit less.

Irwin Speedbor Bits

No More Cutting Spurs

The new and improved Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits employ a variety of features to speed up the cutting process and extend the lifespan. In what appears to be a reversal of the former design, Irwin removes the cutting spurs and replaces them with a chamfered design. Claiming improved durability, we look forward to also seeing how the new design affects tear-out.

Also, the new Speedbors feature a point tip designed to minimize splintering while still controlling speed.

Improved Blue Groove Design

These new bits still feature the Blue Groove design. This is the large cutting area that Irwin tells us removes chips faster. While similar, it looks like they may have modified some of the curvature and edge detail for this area of the cutting and clearing surfaces.

Fast chip removal speeds up hole boring, which, on a long enough timeline, will speed up your entire workflow.

Irwin Speedbor Bits

Revised Shank Design

We noted that the older Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits thickened up the shank for a more durable bit. That feature has carried over to the new line as well. These next-gen bits feature a 1/4-in. reinforced shank. This becomes particularly helpful when you need to apply more torque to get through your cut. These shanks will prove fairly difficult to torque out of shape—even when using impact drivers.



The new Irwin Speedbor Spade Bits come in a variety of packaging configurations. We haven’t seen these on the shelves quite yet, so confirming a pricing structure would feel a little premature. However, based on the last-gen pricing, we expect that you’ll be able to pick up single bits starting art around $5, with the multi-piece sets retailing for as much as $50.

We look forward to getting these in so we can do a head-to-head between the new design and the former model. Hopefully, the new design proves their claims and becomes a rolling change for the line.

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