April 23, 2021

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Stihl BR 800 Backpack Blower: Blowing Away the Competition

best gas backpack blower Stihl BR 800

The new Stihl BR 800 backpack blower is making its way to dealers now. The big deal about this model is that it’s Stihl’s most powerful backpack blower to date.

10-Second Summary

  • Most powerful blower currently available at 41 Newtons
  • Echo will have a 44-Newton model available Spring 2019
  • BR 800 Magnum includes Side Start to restart without taking it off your back
  • Pricing TBA, but the BR 800C model (Magnum) will be $50 more than the BR 800X

High Power, Innovative New Feature

Sporting a brand new engine just under the 80 cc threshold, the Stihl BR 800 can produce up to 41 Newtons of blowing force. That’s a very impressive number, and it’s the most powerful you can get your hands on right now.

However, Echo has a model coming out in the Spring of 2019 that’s boasting 44 Newtons, so Stihl might not be sitting on top of the heap for too long.

The Stihl BR 800 backpack blower will come in two versions – a lighter, more basic X model and a full-featured Magnum model.

The Stihl BR 800 Magnum is the one that brings an extra feature that the Pros we’ve talked to love – Side Start. Stihl puts the pull cord on the left side of the blower, opposite the controls and tube. The handle points forward and allows you to pull start with the blower already on your back.

Stihl BR 800 Backpack Blower: Blowing Away the Competition

This has a couple of advantages. First, you can get the blower situated on your back without starting it first. More importantly, when you have to turn the BR 800 Magnum off to talk to a client or crewmember, you’re not stuck taking the whole thing off or asking something to give you a pull to get restarted.

One other quick note: the BR 800 comes with hiking backpack style chest and hip straps. That’s been an option on previous backpack blowers but is a standard feature on this series.

Pricing is still TBA, but we’ll report back with those numbers as soon as they’re available. We do know that the Magnum will be $50 more than the X

Stihl BR 800 Backpack Blower Specs

  • Models: Stihl BR 800X, BR 800C Magnum
  • Engine: 79.9 cc
  • Output: 4.4 HP
  • Fuel Tank: 67.6 oz
  • CFM: 912 CFM
  • MPH: 239 MPH
  • Newtons: 41 N
  • Sound: 78 dB(A)
  • Weight: 23 lbs dry
  • Price: $599  (BR 800X), $649  (BR 800C Magnum)

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Had my br600 stolen from my garage , so i just went out and bought the br800 thinking it would be more powerful than the br600. Actually regretted buying the br800 🙈it seems to be pretty much the same as the br600 but bigger. Is it possible that it will perform better once it is broken in?


Got one in February 2019,only used it for about 4 month as I do not need it in the Summer,had always problem starting,needed at least 6 to 8 pulls and when it was cold up to 20 pulls,had it in the shop 3 times when they put on a new carburetor,still under warranty,helped some what,still problems starting,and now the recoil broke.Don’t think I by another Stihl ,maybe try some other brands.I do not recommend this one.However,it does have great power.


Fun fact, ECHO actually had side pull start backpack blowers in 2008, on their PB-260i and PB-261i!

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