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Swanson Speed Circle Angle Finder and Framing Protractor

Just announced today, the Swanson Speed Circle aims to take care of modern framing concerns where curves are essential. This angle finder uses a framing protractor design to take the guesswork out of circular calculations. With the growing popularity of curved rafter tails, the Swanson Speed Circle might be the handiest tool you’ve added to your belt all year.


Swanson Speed Circle Angle Finder Features

Taking a look at the Swanson Speed Circle Angle Finder you notice the build quality. It features the familiar indented markings and a heavy gauge aluminum alloy body. The Speed Circle comes packaged with Swanson’s brand new rafter design guide with over 550 designs and calculations for making that perfect rafter tail.

Following in the footsteps of the original Swanson Speed Square, this prolific tool incorporates several handy designs. It serves as a framing protractor, letting you easily find and mark angles and curves as needed. Second, it features the patented Swanson diamond. This gives you an easy fulcrum point for spinning the Speed Circle around a fixed position and marking things randomly until they look right.

The Swanson Speed Circle takes the place of five tools. It works as a circle square, a miter circle, a protractor, a line scriber, and a circular saw blade curve checker.

Using a Circular Angle Finder

We used this circular angle finder to make random circular measurements in poplar, pine, and oak. One thing became clear immediately—the straight edge allowed for making beautiful and consistent scallops in 2X material. One hidden feature we discovered gave us a chance to make small 90 degree marks in wood simply by using the internal edges of the Speed Circle.


This Made in America tool may sit in your tool pouch for months until you need it. However, it will eventually save you countless hours of freehanding curves.

For more information on the Swanson Speed Circle Angle Finder click here.


NOTE: This was an April Fool’s post from 2018

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