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What is a NiMH Battery?

We all love to hate the NiCd battery, but really it’s only because we have better technology available to us now. One of these is the NiMH battery. NiMH is short for Nickel Metal Hydride Battery. This type of battery technology is similar in uses to the Ni-Cad minus the memory effect—or at least it’s not as susceptible to it. For household electronics, NiMH batteries provided a more reliable, high power alternative to NiCd that showed a much more reliable platform that still didn’t require a lot of technology to run or recharge.


For power tools, NiMH batteries were the stop-gap technology between NiCd and Lithium-ion batteries. NiMH provided the reduction in memory effect desired but didn’t step up the amperage output or power density that came with Li-ion battery packs. In short, NiMH didn’t revolutionize the cordless power tool industry the way Li-ion did. Festool, Hitachi, Makita, and others all jumped on NiMH while they perfected their Lithium-ion battery pack technology. The result was a brief influx of new tools, but nothing revolutionary until Li-ion came to full bloom beginning in 2009.

These types of batteries are starting to show up in more and more cordless power tools. They typically cost more than NiCd but less then Li-Ion.  The Lifespan of NiMH batteries is a little better than that of NiCd and a normal charge takes 30 minutes to an hour.


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