September 26, 2021

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DeWalt DCB615 15Ah FlexVolt Battery

DeWalt 15Ah FlexVolt battery DCB615

DeWalt to Release Massive FlexVolt Battery Along with New Rotary Hammers

Poised for a September 2021 release, DeWalt plans to scale things to a whole new level with the DCB615 15Ah FlexVolt battery. It’s also no accident that DeWalt is releasing these 15Ah batteries alongside two new brushless SDS-Max rotary hammers. This battery certainly looks designed to provide maximum runtime in heavy-duty applications like concrete masonry, metalworking, and more.

So Much Flexing

Looking at the size of the pack, we wonder what kinds of new tools and capabilities the DeWalt DCB615 15Ah battery might unlock, replacing even more corded tools with battery-powered equivalents. Thickness planers? 60V Lawnmowers? Tile saws?

DeWalt DCB615 15Ah Battery
DeWalt only sent us photos of this tool with a 9Ah battery so we “fixed it” for them…

In either case, The DCB615 looks like the highest capacity lithium-ion battery offered by DeWalt and the highest capacity 20V Max-compatible pack we’ve ever seen. By our calculations, you’ll get 270Wh of power based on the nominal voltage level. For comparison, that’s the same power capacity as a Ryobi 40V 7.5Ah pack.

The new DeWalt 15Ah battery uses the brand’s FlexVolt technology so it automatically switches voltages to match the tool and application it’s being used with. That means that it operates at 60V Max for FlexVolt power tools and 20V Max for DeWalt’s XR cordless tools.

DeWalt DCB615 15Ah Battery Made for Larger Tools

It looks like a great pairing for the newest 2-inch rotary hammer DeWalt just announced as well. Producing an impressive 19.4 Joules of impact energy, this rotary hammer provides the same sort of muscle that we experienced when we tried out the similar DCH773 last year.   

The new DeWalt 15Ah battery works with all DeWalt 20V MAX chargers and is specced to work outside in temperatures as low as 0° F.

Pricing and Availability

DeWalt plans to release the 15Ah FlexVolt Battery in September 2021 with a price tag of $349. We also expect to see this battery packaged in some combo kits later this year, saving us some money when we add it to our arsenal.

  • DCB615 FlexVolt 20V/60V Max 15.0Ah Battery – $349
  • DCH735X2 60V 1-7/8″ Brushless SDS Max Combination Rotary Hammer Kit – $999
  • DCH775X2 60V Max 2″ Brushless SDS Max Combination Rotary Hammer Kit – $1,099

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I wonder if it will fit on there 60V chainsaw? that would be handy


that the sort of bat that you could put on a impact, start running it on a monday, and still be running it on a friday, in a years time……..

but it cant be light, you wouldn’t want to do overhead work with it ;)

Ben N

Any idea how many cells this uses?


I’ve got at least 2 of pretty much every size DeWalt battery (12/20/60v) and this might be the first I don’t see myself running out to get just yet. I work in industrial construction and electrical, own the big boy stuff like the joist drill and first 2″ rotohammer, but I’m going to have to see what heavy duty tools they design around these packs before I commit to slapping 4+ lbs on any of my tools lol I’m 105% positive this redesign means new tools, but my 12ah’s are gonna do it for me in the meantime


If it doesn’t fit already…..someone will absolutely make an adaptor to put these things on drills and impact drivers, lol.

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