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Arrow HT50PBL Hammer Tacker Quick Look

Arrow HT50 Hammer Tacker Preview

Arrow’s HT50PBL Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker is a unique product that swings and hits like a hammer, driving a staple with each blow. Typically you use a product like this for anything ranging from installation of roofing insulation to tacking down roofing felt, carpet underlayment, or other materials. The HT50PBL hammer tacker features an all-steel construction with a rubberized coating that helps absorb impacts and delivers a nice grip.

Arrow PowerShot 5700 Staple Gun Quick Look

Arrow PowerShot 5700 Staple Gun Preview

The PowerShot “Heavy Duty” Staple & Nail Gun features a forward action design, meaning that you actually press down on the front of the tool to actuate it, rather than the back end. This is not only more ergonomic, it also applies the most pressure to the point where the staple is firing, delivering more power and control with less effort. This makes the tool easy to use, but also gives it an unusual mechanism which is more prone to jams.