Ridgid 18V Brushless High-Torque Impact Wrench Review

Ridgid 18V Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench Review

Next-Gen Ridgid High-Torque Impact Wrench Takes Over When Mid-Torque Isn’t Enough

For the majority of automotive and construction work, a good mid-torque impact wrench can handle just about everything. But when you want another option before turning to a torch, you need a high-torque model. We got our hands on the Ridgid 18V brushless high-torque impact wrench right on the heels of testing its mid-torque brother, and they’re quite a pair.

Ridgid 18V Brushless High-Torque Impact Wrench Performance

Ridgid dialed in its brushless motor to produce speeds up to 1800 RPM with this model. 3 standard modes and an Assist Mode along with a variable speed trigger help you control it. Those speeds pair with nut-busting torque up to 1300 ft-lbs and 900 ft-lbs of fastening torque.

Here’s the speed you can expect in each mode:

  • Mode 1: 0 – 600 RPM
  • Mode 2: 0 – 1300 RPM
  • Mode 3: 0 – 1800 RPM
  • Assist Mode: 0 – 1100 RPM
Ridgid 18V Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench

We set up our Inertia Torque impact torque tester to see what each mode offers in terms of maximum torque. For reference, our test method is to hit it with full force in four 5-second bursts. Between each one, the motor gets a 3-second rest. With Auto Mode, we only hit it once because of its design intent to stop once the impacts kick in.

  • Mode 1: 318 ft-lbs
  • Mode 2: 688 ft-lbs
  • Mode 3: 829 ft-lbs
  • Assist Mode: 350 ft-lbs

Auto Mode is a helpful setting that has benefits in both directions. In forward, it drives until the tool starts impacting and then stops. From there, you can use your torque wrench to set the proper torque for what you’re setting. In reverse, it can hit with full force until it senses the fastener release and then stops.

Looking at the torque numbers, including Assist Mode, we recommend you don’t use this impact wrench for most automotive jobs—it’s too strong and can easily break bolts! Save this for the toughest jobs and use the mid-torque R86012 for day-to-day tasks.

Ridgid 18V Brushless High-Torque Impact Wrench Design

As far as ergonomics go, the bare tool weighs 5.8 pounds and a 4.0Ah Max Output battery brings up to 7.3 pounds. That’s not light, but Ridgid balances the 8.3-inch head well along the handle so it doesn’t feel too tipsy one way or the other.

There aren’t a lot of extra bells and whistles to go with the tool. Considering the job it’s designed to do, there’s no need for them.

If you’d like the protective boot that goes with this model, look for the AC13B02N.

Additional Highlights

  • Die-cast gearbox improves durability and lengthens the service life
  • Foot-mounted LED light
  • Compatible with all Ridgid 18V batteries (best performance with Max Output batteries)

Ridgid 18V Brushless High-Torque Impact Wrench Price

As usual, you can find this one exclusively at The Home Depot and there are a few packages to choose from. The bare tool is $249 and the kit with a 4.0Ah High Output battery is $319. You can also get it as a bare tool combo with the mid-torque model for $409.

Ridgid warranties the tool for 3 years and includes a Lifetime Service Agreement as long as you register within 90 days.

The Bottom Line

What we love about the Ridgid 18V high-torque impact wrench is that it takes over the next step as the mid-torque reaches its limits without leaving a big gap in between. With the same basic feature set, these two impacts are made to complement one another and cover a wide range of work.


  • Model: Ridgid R86212
  • Power Source: Ridgid 18V battery (Max Output recommended)
  • No Load-Speed: 0 – 600/1300/1800 (1100 RPM in Assist)
  • Maximum Torque: 900 ft-lbs fastening, 1300 ft-lbs nut-busting
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs bare, 7.3 lbs with 4.0Ah Max Output battery
  • Length: 8.3 inches

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