Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator R87044 Truck Reviews & Accessories

Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator R87044

Ridgid R87044 Takes to the Streets with Tire Inflator

Ridgid previously announced their 2020 line of 18V tools they have planned for release over the next few months. One of the upcoming tools, the Ridgid 18V digital inflator (R87044) looks like it will be helpful in a pinch. It also seems pretty easy to actually use.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Ridgid R87044
  • High (claimed) airflow rate
  • 2 in. rotating digital dial
  • Quick connect chuck
  • Price: $69


Key Features

Ridgid hasn’t been super forthcoming about the details surrounding the 18V digital inflator. We can at least pass on what little we do know about it.

Ridgid claims their 18V digital inflator has a high airflow and delivers the “fastest truck tire fill from flat to full”. We’d love to see some specs here to have some idea how they’re able to make that claim, but for now, we’ll look forward to testing Ridgid’s claims.

Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator R87044

Instead of buttons, the Ridgid R87044 inflator features a 2 in. rotating dial to set your desired pressure. Though it looks like a small change, it does at least streamline the look of the inflator. All of your pressure settings and changes look clearly visible on the digital readout.


Wrapping Up

We like that the Ridgid 18V digital tire inflator features a quick connect chuck. That should make for quick accessory and stem changes. It looks like the stems also have onboard storage, keeping all your parts where you can easily find them. Lastly, the price is right. You can pick this new tool up from Home Depot for just $69.

Like other Ridgid cordless 18V tools, this one should come with a Lifetime Service Agreement.

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Same problem as the competition, a laughably anemic motor and cylinder size, so it takes ages (minutes) to inflate a single tire, while it runs at higher RPM to try (and fail to) make up for these deficiencies which increases wear, then it builds up more heat too, decreasing lifespan. It’s a vicious cycle all because they couldn’t put $5 more into the motor and a buck worth of extra potmetal in the cylinder. Now some brands have one with a tank on it, but no I don’t want a honkin’big tank just to inflate things. It’d run out the… Read more »

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