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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Inflator Review 2848-20

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Inflator Review 2848-20

The Milwaukee 2848-20 Inflator Claims to Be the Fastest 18V Model on the Market When Milwaukee Tool made the claim that its M18 2848-20 cordless tire inflator was the fastest 18V model on the market, we had to get it in and test it for ourselves. Having used nearly a dozen of these cordless tools […]

Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator11

Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator R87044

Ridgid Digital Inflator Presents a Helpful Solution The Ridgid 18V Digital Inflator (R87044) has all the features you’d want for a cordless inflation tool. It features an easy-to-read, easy-to-set digital pressure gauge, onboard and easily accessible accessories, and a motor that Ridgid claims provides the fastest truck tire fill from flat to full. At around […]

Hart 20V Inflators

Hart 20V Inflators for High Pressure and Volume

Flat to Full in No Time at All Hart, with its ever-expanding line of 20V tools, adds two cordless inflators to its stable of helpful DIY products. The HPIF01 Inflator provides a solid option for inflating anything from balls to tires, while the HPIF50 Dual Function Digital Inflator adds a high volume option and more […]

Makita DMP180 Cordless Inflator

Makita 18V LXT Cordless Inflator | DMP180 | First Look

Compact and Portable Makita Cordless Inflator Comes in Handy We’ve noticed an influx of portable and lightweight tire inflation options hitting the market recently. Makita just released its own battery-powered inflator on the 18V LXT battery platform. It features a more familiar design with the same type of handle you’d find on a drill. The […]

Ryobi Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Ryobi Dual Function Inflator/Deflator Hands-on Review | P747

Ryobi Upgrades a Classic Not many of us spare too many thoughts for the lowly tire inflator until we actually need one, and then they become exceedingly helpful in a pinch. Between filling bike tires, the occasional air mattress, the odd basketball, ZT mower tires, and my driver-side rear car tire with an almost-imperceptible-but-definitely-there-if-you’re-paying-attention slow […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Skil 12V Inflator Review

Skil 12V Inflator Review IF5943-00

Skil 12V Inflator Takes the Guesswork Out of Tire Inflation The Skil 12V inflator is a relatively recent addition to the PWRCore 12 line. I’ve been using to fill bike tires and car tires to see what to expect from its design and performance. Pros Simple to use design Automatically and accurately stops when you […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Ryobi 18V Cordless Inflator

Ryobi 18V Cordless Inflator / Deflator Review P731

The Ryobi 18V Cordless Inflator / Deflator recently became part of the ONE+ line. We reviewed the similar Kobalt 120 volt tire inflator last year and genuinely liked it. The Ryobi P731 adds cordless freedom via the ONE+ battery. Pop in the battery and you’re good to go. Walk around the house pumping up inflatables, or walk […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
kobalt 120 volt tire inflator

Kobalt 120 Volt Tire Inflator Review

Tire inflators have graced store shelves since we can remember. Recently, however, features like digital LCD displays and automatic pressure gauges have improved these products. As recently as this year I’ve been using a DeWalt Quiet Trim compressor to top off the air in my tires. All that takes is a dual air chuck for the 1/4-inch NPT quick coupler […]

Ryobi P411 application

New Ryobi Tools – Fall 2015

Ryobi has announced several new tools that should all be in Home Depot stores in time for Christmas. A new bit set with DOCKit Storage System makes its debut along with a 5″ random orbit sander for the DIYer in your home. A rechargeable vacuum can be used by almost everyone. A new stereo boasts […]

Porter-Cable PCC583B 18V High-Pressure/Volume Inflator Preview

Porter-Cable PCC583B 18V High-Pressure/Volume Inflator Preview

Porter-Cable launched a new 18V High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator (PCC583B) that can also run on 12 Volt DC-power. The inflator is designed to deliver both speed and ease of use at a value customers can appreciate. Porter-Cable’s 18V Cordless High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator PCC583B is made to allow people who may be, literally, in the middle of nowhere quick and accurate inflation. In a sense, their motto seems to be: “No power? No problem!” Since it’s Porter-Cable, the inflator can be powered from either an 18V Lithium-ion or NiCd battery. But, it can also take power via a 12V DC power source – like a car or truck battery. It does this via the included 10-foot DC power cord which should allow access to all four tires as needed.