Senco Auto-Feed Screwdriver Attachment for Makita DS230-M1

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

Senco Auto-Feed Screwdriver Attachment Puts Duraspin Technology on More Screw Guns

There’s a new attachment system for your screw gun and this time, Senco is branching out. The Senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment DS230 line gives Senco, DeWalt, and Makita users the opportunity to upgrade without buying a whole new tool.

If you read our Senco DS225 review, a lot of this is going to sound similar. That’s because this attachment is essentially the same as what Senco uses on that Duraspin model.


  • Turns your standard screw gun into a full-featured auto-feeding speed demon
  • Auto-feeding collated magazine
  • Attachment rotates 360º
  • Easy bit access
  • Smooth depth adjustments
  • Perfect fit on our screw gun
  • Color coding makes it easy to see which brand each attachment fits


  • Screw length adjustment is a challenge

Senco Aut0-Feed Screwdriver Attachment

Steroids for a Screw Gun

Screwdrivers (or screw guns, if you prefer) are excellent for high-speed, low-torque drywall and subfloor installs. When you move to a collated magazine like the Senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment, it adds tremendous efficiency to your work rate.

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

The Senco DS230-M1 attaches to the front of your Makita screw gun to give you that efficiency (full compatibility list below). The fit was perfect on our Makita XSF03 cordless model. Just slip the bit through the center until it’s all the way on and give the collar a twist to secure it.

Reversing the process and removing the magazine gives you bit access to switch it out or unscrew a fastener.

Throughout our use, it simply felt like a natural extension of the original tool. We didn’t notice any wobble or movement that indicated it was somehow close, but not quite the right fit.

With our fit inspection out of the way, it was time to drive some screws.

We tested primarily with subfloor and also on an OSB/PT sandwich grid to check the visibility of the nose section.

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

The magazine feeds flawlessly. With each push of the drive, the next screw feeds until you’ve run through the entire strip of screws. It’s not completely foolproof, though. If you start to push the drive forward and then change your mind, it can still send up the next screw. It’s just the nature of the mechanism.

With Makita’s brushless motor spinning the bit at 4,000 RPM and the lock-on switch engaged, you can move incredibly quickly through each sheet.

Screw Length

You can use 1 – 2-inch screws with the Senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment. The mechanism adjusts smoothly enough, but setting the screw length is a bit more challenging than it needs to be.

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

You need to press in a small metal release, then shift the nose up or back to the correct setting. The button is so small that it takes some finesse to get it all right. Once you work with it for a bit, you get a feel of what you need to do. I just wish it was a little easier out of the gate.

Depth Control

There’s some disagreement about the need for a two-stage depth adjustment in our office, but I am for it. It’s really a two-handed operation. You need to press down the red button next to the thumbwheel before turning it. The movement of the wheel itself is far easier than many we’ve used before.

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

I prefer the two-stage operation since it eliminates accidental adjustments and leaving me with proud or overdriven screws.

Reach, Visibility, and One Major Difference

The nose narrows down to just over 1/2 an inch, giving you better access into corners than some of the other magazines we’ve used. It’s an interesting design that’s only attached on one side. While there’s always a chance it can take some damage if you drop it, there’s zero flex in the nose no matter what angle you drive in.

That design also happens to give you excellent visibility. With a narrower nose and better visibility, it’s a lot easier to driver accurately when it really matters.

The major difference between the Senco DS230 attachment and the DS225 screwdriver is that the magazine on this model rotates 360º. Whether you’re trying to get a better line of sight or just get the screw strip out of the way, you can click it around to any of 16 positions. There’s no lock, just turn it.

senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment

Color Coding

Sometimes it’s the little things, right? Senco color-coded each of the DS230 models inside the collar, making it easy to identify which screwdriver it goes with if you’re running multiple brands. Makita gets teal, Senco gets red, and DeWalt gets yellow.

Models and Compatibility

Senco DS230-M1 (tested)

  • Works with Makita FS2200, FS2500, FS4200, FS6200, XSF03, XSF04, XSF05


  • Works with DeWalt DW252, DW253, DW255, DW257, DW266, DW272, DW276

Senco DS230-D2

  • Works with DeWalt DCF620

Senco DS230-S1

  • Works with Senco SG2510, SG4100


The Senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment runs $125 no matter which model you need. While we really like the performance we’re getting out the Senco DS225, its $399 price tag makes a compelling case for upgrading your current screw gun for $125.

The Bottom Line

If you’re running a compatible screw gun, adding a Senco auto-feed screwdriver attachment is an easy and quick way to make you faster on the jobsite. It’s well-designed and well-built. The attachment’s $125 price should quickly pay for itself, so unless the screw length adjustment is a deal-breaker for you, there’s no reason not to upgrade.

Senco Auto-Feed Attachment Specs

  • Model: Senco DS230-M1 (tested)
  • Tool Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.59 kgs)
  • Height: 5 1/2″ (140 mm)
  • Length: 10 5/16″ (253 mm)
  • Width: 2 1/2″ (63 mm)
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Technology: Duraspin
  • Attachment: Requires Assembly to Screwdriver
  • Screw Diameters: #6 – #12
  • Power Type: Attachment
  • Range: 1″ – 2″
  • For Makita Screwdrivers: FS2200, FS2500, FS4200, FS6200, XSF03, XSF04, XSF05
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $125

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