Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer PS60982

Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer PS60982

The Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer is a member of Simpson’s Pro Series lineup designed for professionals. It works well to restore wood, clean hard surfaces, and prep for painting. That’s right up my alley since I make my living painting structures. I’ve used the Simpson PS60982 pressure washer to prep for painting on several homes already and today you’ll see me use it on a house that desperately needs it. This machine is up to the task but there are a couple of things a Pro will want to consider.


  • Lots of power in a compact package
  • Honda engine starts easily every time
  • Welded steel frame is sturdy
  • Great tires for easy movement around the job site—even on grass
  • Tough hose and easily accessible tips


  • Pressure falls off with each trigger pull for a couple of minutes after startup
  • Hoses are threaded connections but pros would appreciate quick connects

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Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer Features

Giving It a PowerShot

The Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer has several great features to recommend it. First, the welded steel frame is compact, light, and sturdy. It rolls smoothly just about anywhere on its pneumatic tires. The design offers easy access to all important functions: gas, oil, choke, and hose bib.

Firing it up is easy as can be with its reliable Honda engine—a great choice for this machine. It’s even got a low oil shutdown feature, although we chose not to put that to the test! Check the oil, turn the choke to the on position, and by the second pull—if not the first—you’re up and running.

Simpson PS60982 3700 PSI Pressure Washer

The Simpson Powershot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer’s only hiccup during this review was the pressure fall-off at startup. It probably took a couple of minutes each time for pressure to build enough to begin work. Pull the trigger, there’s a burst of water, and then it petered out. It’s not an uncommon pressure washer behavior, but it’s a bit annoying.

After this short interval, however, the pressure stayed consistently powerful. The PowerShot proved capable of cleaning even the grimiest surfaces with its 3700 PSI.

Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer

Considerations for Painters

For painters, however, the Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer isn’t all about PSI. To be sure, Painting Pros can provide a nice upsell service to their clients if they have a higher PSI pressure washer for hard surfaces. After all, a beautiful new paint job looks even better with pressure-washed walks and drives. But I use cleansers that do most of the tough cleaning work, so I’m actually more interested in GPM than PSI.

I point this out because preparation for painting is listed among the Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer’s capabilities. This machine can certainly do that job, but I found myself pushing it to the edge of its ability with regard to volume while not often requiring all the PSI. I need to wash the cleansers away quickly, not blast a home’s grimy surface. That can cause damage I’d have to fix. Of course, this won’t necessarily be the case for Pros in other trades. The good news? Simpson makes all manner of pressure washers—including models with higher flow rates.

pressure washer spraying

The tough MorFlex hose doesn’t kink and the 50-foot length is generous. Still, Painting Pros will probably want more hose length since they typically work all the way around a structure. I went ahead and picked up another one. I also added my own quick connects – it would be a nice bonus if Simpson included them.

Wash This

For the price, which we’ll discuss in a minute, the Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer is a fine machine. You really have to step up in dollars to get significantly more GPM and PSI, so the popularity of this model is understandable.

Simpson Pro pressure washer tips

Pro Tip: To make it even more compact for storage or transport, remove the handle and flip it around. You’ll have to fiddle with the wand and hose a bit, but you’ll gain some space you might need for other equipment.

Simpson PS60982 Pressure Washer Price

The Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer PS60982 comes in at $749.

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The Bottom Line

The Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer has several great features to recommend it. You get a sturdy and compact design, Honda engine with low oil shutdown, tough MorFlex hose, pneumatic tires, and more. It took a couple of minutes after startup to build enough pressure to spray consistently, which we’ve seen with other machines. With 3700 PSI, it’s a capable cleaner of grimy surfaces. Painting Pros might ultimately end up choosing a model with greater GPM but they’ll have to pay more to do it.

Simpson PS60982 tires

Simpson PowerShot 3700 PSI Pressure Washer Specifications

  • Model number: PS60982
  • Drive type: Direct
  • PSI: 3700
  • GPM: 2.5
  • Engine brand: Honda
  • Pump: AAA Triplex
  • Hose: MorFlex 5/16-in. x 50-ft.
  • Gun: M22 connection
  • Wand: QC spray lance
  • Nozzles: 5 Quick-connect nozzle tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap
  • Frame: Welded steel construction
  • Tires: 10 in. premium pneumatic
  • Price: $749

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