Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Improves Performance While Reducing Size

If you’re in the market for a compact impact wrench, oftentimes you’ll have to sacrifice performance for size…but what if it didn’t have to be that way? As we’re continuing our dive into the updated Skil PWRCore 20V lineup, we turn our attention to the Skil Compact Impact Wrench.

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Performance

Under The Hood

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

On paper, you can expect up to 170 ft-lbs of fastening torque, 220 ft-lbs of break-away torque, and 3,950 IPM for driving tough nuts and bolts. Additionally, the brushless motor peaks out at 2,850 RPM—450 RPM faster than PWECore 20 1/2-inch model.

Drive Modes

Skil’s 20V compact impact wrench features three main speed modes as well as a reverse control mode. This allows you to dial in the speed to match whatever material or fasteners you’re working with. Here’s a quick look at the speed you can expect in each mode:

No-Load Speed (RPM)Max Impact Rate (IPM)
Mode 11,5002,100
Mode 22,2503,400
Mode 32,8503,950
Reverse Control Mode2,8503,950

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Quick Comparison

The big deal with Skil’s next-generation compact lineup is that Skil is making smaller tools that are outperforming their previous versions, like the Skil IW5739. There is a considerable jump in speed, torque, and impact rate when looking at this compact model.

Skil IW5739
Skil IW6739B
No-Load Speed2,100/2,400 RPM1,500/2,250/2,850 RPM
Impact Rate2,800/3,200 IPM2,100/3,400/3,950 IPM
Nut-Busting Torque200 ft-lbs220 ft-lbs
Head Length6.2 inches4.8 inches
Bare Weight2.5 pounds2.0 pounds

Using Reverse Control Mode

In reverse control mode, the tool loosens a bolt or nut at high-speed first. Once the nut or bolt
is completely loose, the tool will stop automatically to prevent it from threading off.

The mode is available only when the tool is set in reverse rotation. If you switch the tool to forward rotation while in reverse control mode, the impact force and speed are the same as the high-speed mode 3.


Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

With 170 ft-lbs of forward torque and 220 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque, there’s a wide range of light to medium-duty tasks you can accomplish. It should be plenty to remove properly-fastened lug nuts on passenger vehicles, handle the fasteners in tight spots around your brake calipers, and deal with the many of the hex-head construction fasteners you come across.

You still need a mid-torque impact wrench for stubborn or larger fasteners, but you might be surprised just how much of your work this compact model can do for you.

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Notes


Compact Size

The Skil compact impact wrench weighs in at 2.0 pounds even as a bare tool and 3.1 pounds with the kitted 2.0Ah battery. Keeping with the compact theme, it also measures 4.8 inches from end to end which makes it ideal for accessing those hard-to-reach nuts and bolts.

Ergonomically, this impact wrench feels really good in the hand. The contoured grip features some aggressive grooves and texturing that helped me maintain a firm hold on the tool even in the sweltering central Florida heat.

LED Light

LED Halo

Much like most modern tools, this impact wrench features an LED light for low-light conditions. This tool includes a diffused halo-style light that surrounds the anvil and it’s a more effective way of lighting than foot-mounted lights.

In addition to the trigger activation, there’s also an option to turn it on for 10 minutes and to turn it back off if you don’t need the light for the full time.

Additional Features

  • Tether ready
  • Reversible belt hook

Skil 20V Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Price

This cordless impact wrench kit retails for $129.99 and includes a single PWRCore 20V 2.0Ah battery and a PWRJump charger. Skil accompanies this kit with a 5-year tool warranty and a 2-year battery warranty when you register.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we really like the performance and design improvements of the Skil 20V Compact Impact Wrench. The boost in speed, torque, and control cement this tool’s reputation as a true workhorse for serious DIYers. It’s also a great option for Pros on a budget who need the benefits of a compact impact wrench from time to time.

Skil Compact Impact Wrench Specifications

  • Model: Skil IW6739B-00
  • Power Source: Skil PWRCore 20V battery
  • Anvil Size: 3/8 in.
  • Anvil Type: Friction Ring
  • Fastening Torque: 170 ft-lbs.
  • Break-Away Torque: 220 ft-lbs.
  • No-Load Speed: 0-1,500/2,250/2,850 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 2,100/3,400/3,950 IPM
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs. (bare), 3.1 lbs (with 2.0Ah battery)
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Price: $129.99

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