Skil Cordless Fan Review – MultiVolt 12V or 20V

Skil MultiVolt Cordless Fan Review

For those of you waiting for a Skil cordless fan, the wait is over! There are two models to choose from and as usual, Skil’s design team dropped in some noteworthy features.

Unlike most brands, these fans are capable of using either a PWRCore 12 or PWRCore 20 battery from Skil. Which one you choose affects your runtime, of course, but both fans can use any battery from either platform.

But wait, there’s more! Skil also designed these fans to run using a USB-C cord. That means you can use a standard outlet, and USB port in your vehicle, or even a power tool battery, such as an EGO 56V battery with the Nexus Escape power supply attachment.

Skil 7-Inch MultiVolt Brushless Cordless Fan

Skil 7-Inch MultiVolt Brushless Cordless Fan

The larger of Skil’s cordless fans features a 7-inch blade with a brushless motor to turn it. While brushless motors are common in power tools, it’s less typical to find one in a fan. The main benefit here is runtime. A 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 battery can run up to 2 hours or a 2.0Ah PWRCore 12 battery can run up to an hour and a half on high

You control the speed with a dial on the front. On high, the blades can kick out 500 CFM and 14 MPH. We take two measurements with the fan on high. The first is how much airspeed you get at 3 feet. in this case, it’s a refreshing 8.0 MPH.

Control Dial

The second measurement determines the max effective distance where the airspeed is at 2.5 MPH. For Skil, that’s at 11 feet.

One of the bonuses is how quietly the fan operates. At high speed from 3 feet away, we measured just 63 decibels. At the lowest speed, our decibel meter could pick it up and it measures down to 50 decibels.

Wrapping things up, there’s also a built-in carry handle at the top of the housing and a rafter hook that folds up underneath the battery.

Price: $59.99

Skil 4-Inch MultiVolt Brushless Cordless Clamp Fan

Skil 4-Inch MultiVolt Brushless Cordless Clamp Fan

Shifting gears to an even more personal level, Skil’s 4-inch clamp fan is your close-quarters solution to keep your cool. Like its big brother, this model also sports a brushless motor, which is something we wouldn’t expect on such a compact fan. Operating in low (which is where we use it most of the time), a 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 battery can run for 14 hours, and a 2.0Ah PWRCore 12 battery can run for 8 hours, 30 minutes.

Control of the airspeed is by a 3-position rocker switch. The center position is off, left is low, and right is high.

Control Switch

To direct the air where you need it, the head swivels about 270° and pivots close to 300°. The combination is almost always able to get air moving right at you, even if you have to clamp at an odd angle.

Skil 4-Inch MultiVolt Brushless Cordless Clamp Fan

For performance, you’re looking at 200 CFM and 11 MPH at high speed. Using the same tests we did on the larger fan, this model hits 4.0 MPH from 3 feet away. Understandably, the max effective range isn’t as far, maintaining 2.5 MPH out to 3 feet, 8 inches. Considering this fan is designed to use close to you and has a smaller blade, that’s not a surprising result.

With its smaller blade, the noise level is lower as well. We measured 51 decibels at high speed from 3 feet away and low speed was undetectable by our meter.

What’s odd about this model compared to other clamp fans is the clamp itself. Skil uses a threaded clamp instead of spring-loaded jaws. The shape makes it easy to grab hold of round objects, such as conduit or PVC pipe. Their jaws open wide enough to grab 2x lumber or round stock up to 1.5 inches. Thanks to a rubberized material inside the jaws, they grip very well.

Price: $29.99

The Bottom Line

Coming out of the gate with two brushless models, the Skil cordless fan lineup is off to a solid start. The affordable tag sweetens the offer and the multi-voltage + USB-C power supply options seal the deal. Don’t wait for the summer temps to climb—grab one or both now and be ready when the mercury rises.

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