Skil Portable Benchtop Router Table SRT1039

Skil Benchtop Router Table FEature

Skil is back with an updated portable benchtop router table that got our attention. We got an opportunity to get an early look at how Skil designed the SRT1039 to improve your results when handheld routing won’t cut it.

Editor’s Note: Check out our guide on how to use a router table for some excellent advice, tips, and techniques.

Skil Portable Benchtop Router Table Design

If you’re familiar with Skil’s portable router table, the folding legs made transporting it very convenient. What we like about the SRT1039 is that its legs are fixed, offering a more stable platform. Four bolt holes in the base of the legs let you secure it to your workbench if you have a dedicated space for it.

Toolboxes are built into the legs and two router bit trays come in the box. You can put both trays in one side or one on each if you like. To get the most from the storage, install one in each side. With its current set up, you can store a featherboard in each side. It also fits the insert rings, the starter pin, and the miter gauge—all at the same time.

Skil Benchtop Router Table Storage

Installing Your Router

A universal mounting plate comes with the set. To access it, loosen the four screws in the top that secure it. Next, pull the spring-loaded router clamp release on the bottom to get it out.

Take the fixed base off of your router and use the same screws to secure the mounting plate. The universal pattern has a lot of holes, so rotate the plate around your router’s center until you see the set that lines up correctly.

Universal Mounting Plate

Then it’s just a matter of setting the mounting plate back in its holder under the table. Finally, tighten the four screws back in through the top to lock it down.

Over Table Bit Adjustments

One of the major benefits of the Skil router table is that you can adjust the bit depth from above the table. It’s not a universal feature, though. It only works with the Skil RT1322-00 and 1323-00 routers. If you don’t currently have a router or you’re looking for a replacement, it’s a good reason to consider pairing one of those routers with this table.

Skil Portable Benchtop Router Table SRT1039 Top Adjust

When you have the mounting plate set correctly, the open holes in front of the router bit offer access to a hex screw that adjusts the bit height. Just make sure the router’s clamp is in the open position and then lock it down once you have the height you want. A hex wrench is not included.

Selecting An Insert Ring

Three insert rings come in the box and you want to use the one that most closely fits the bit size you’re using without actually hitting the cutter edge. The gap between the cutter edge and the ring should be no more than 1/4-inch.

Building Fences

The fence is 4 inches tall with MDF faceplates that can slide out to cover just under 28 inches. A standard aluminum track holds the two featherboards when you have a need for them. Alternatively, you can use one on the table as well.

Skil Router Table Featherboard and adjustment

Two knobs on the left and right of the back of the fence allow for adjustments. 1/16-inch measurements on both sides of the table help you align the fence so you end up with accurate results.


Skil’s router table includes a miter gauge. Its aluminum rail slides easily through the Skil router table’s aluminum track and white angle markings make it easy to dial in your miter 60° to either side.

Miter gauge


Like most router tables, there are two outlets for you to plug into: one for the router and another for a light or vacuum if you choose to use one. The second plug is only rated to 3A, though. You need to keep the total draw under 15A for the two combined.

Tip: If you’re new to using a router table power supply, keep in mind you need to plug the table into the wall, your router into the table, and have your router’s power switch in the “on” position to use the table’s power switch.

Dust Collection

A multi-size connector at the back of the table makes it easy to use your vacuum with a 1 1/4-inch or 2 1/2-inch hose. The trick to getting the most effective clearing is to make sure you open the fence up to allow enough suction through. On the front end, a plastic shroud helps control dust to leave you with a cleaner workspace.

Dust Port

Skil Portable Benchtop Router Table Price

The list price for this router table is $159.00 and Acme Tools has it for $139.99. It includes everything you need to get started except a router:

  • Two bit storage trays
  • Two featherboards
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Router clamp
  • Dust hood
  • Three instert rings
  • Miter gauge
  • Starting pin

The Bottom Line

Skil’s SRT1039 router table is an excellent choice for woodworking enthusiasts who want a more stable platform than folding-leg portable designs can offer. By including all the accessories you need, Skil helps you get started with more accurate routing by just adding your favorite router and bits for less than $150.

Check out Skil’s entire lineup here!

Skil Portable Benchtop Router Table Specifications

  • Model: Skil SRT1039
  • Max Bit Diameter: 1 3/4 inches
  • Price: $139.99
  • Warranty: 1 year

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