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Skil PWRCore 20 Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

Skil 20V String Trimmer FEature

Skil 20V String Trimmer Makes a Nice Addition to Residential OPE Line

Having been impressed with the Skil PWRCore 20 line of hand tools, it was no surprise to see them bring some entry-level lawn and garden tools to this 20V battery platform. We reviewed the Skil PWRCore 20 string trimmer which gives homeowners a really solid reason to drop noisy and messy gas power for smaller yards. Even better, you can use the same batteries to power your Skil PWRCore 20 hammer drill!


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with an integrated hanging system for easier storage
  • High and Low speeds plus variable speed trigger
  • Easy-to-use line loading system


  • Can slow down in thicker patches of St. Augustine and overgrowth
  • 13″ cutting diameter will take homeowners longer to trim larger areas

Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer Performance

The Skil 20V string trimmer features a digital brushless motor and two speed settings. Under no load, Skil tells us that you get 5,000 rpm on Low speed and 6,000 rpm on High speed. Additionally, Skil has included a variable speed trigger. Between these three features, we had no trouble dialing in the right amount of power to knock down weeds and overgrowth.

Skil 20V String Trimmer Power

We did notice that thicker patches of St. Augustine grass and more robust overgrowth caused this 20V weedeater to slow down. In some instances, even in High, we really needed to slow down to allow the trimmer to maintain speed while trimming.

Skil has also been touting its battery design as being able to offer longer runtimes and longer overall life. It starts with the cells themselves. Skil has wrapped each one with “cooling material” that shirks off heat build-up which they claim helps extend runtime.

Skil 20V String Trimmer Battery

How did this influence real-world runtime? Testing the trimmer (under no load), we got 22 and half minutes before the battery gave out. Under load, expect that time to drop. Still, that indicates enough juice to tackle lawns under 1/2 acre. If you plan on using the trimmer to knock out heavy grasses or do a lot of edging (a tough job with .080 string) plan on having a second battery handy.

It also seems worth noting that the Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer uses a bump-feed line feed system. We’ve noticed some manufacturers of 20V systems opt for an auto-feeder that extends the line every time you release the trigger. We greatly prefer the bump-feed. It lets us feather the trigger when we need to without fear of wasting line.

Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer Design Notes

Weight and Balance

We love both the weight and balance of this Skil 20V weedeater. Without the battery attached, the string trimmer weighs just 5 lbs, 13 oz. Adding the battery only brings that number to around 6.5 lbs. Even the most slender-armed folks ought to be able to track this trimmer around the yard without too much fatigue setting in.

Skil 20V String Trimmer Balance
Josh isn’t the most “slender-armed” among us, but definitely commented on how light this tool felt during use.

As far as balance goes, the Skil 20V string trimmer doesn’t feel either front- or back-heavy. The D-handle lets you adjust the distance between your hands to find the perfect balance.

Skil 20V String Trimmer Twist Load

Twist Load Bump Head

A lot of OPE manufacturers have adopted some form of an easy string load system for the cutting head. Most of them work pretty well, and Skil’s Twist Load Head is no exception. You simply string the line through both holes, pull the line through until both ends are the same length, and twist the trimmer head to ratchet the line into the spool.

Easy Storage Hook and Bracket

We really appreciated the Easy Storage Bracket and integrated hanger hold that comes with the PWRCore 20 lawn and garden tools. After mounting the bracket to your wall, you can hang the Skil 20V String Trimmer up to save floor space and keep your shed or garage organized.

The Skil PWRCore 20 seems aimed primarily at the homeowner with smaller lots. The 0.080″ trimmer line works well for lighter-duty work. Folks with larger lawns or beefier overgrowth will probably prefer to reach for one of the Skil 40V trimmers that sports a more robust motor.

The same thing applies to the cutting radius. The Skil 20V String Trimmer has a 13″ swath. This falls on the smaller end of the scale but still feels capable for the average homeowner. Those with larger lots will likely want something with a bit more reach to get through the work more quickly.

Skil 20V String Trimmer Price

You can pick up the Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer at Lowe’s for $129.99. It comes with a 4.0Ah PWRCore 20 battery and fast charger, as well as the storage bar and hook. Skil includes the 5-year limited warranty as well.

The Bottom Line

The Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer will likely appeal most to those with small properties. It’s lightweight, and with its hang hook, it stores away handily. Since it works with 0.080 in. line and a 20V motor, you probably won’t be tackling too many areas with more stout overgrowth. Between that and the 13″ cutting diameter, it provides ample cutting capability for the small property owner trying to keep their lawn looking good.

Skil PWRCore 20 String Trimmer Specifications

  • Model: Skil LT4823B-10
  • Auxiliary Handle Adjusting Type: Quick Adjust
  • Compatible line: 0.08 in.
  • Cutting width: 13 in.
  • Default Line Diameter: 0.08in
  • IP Class: IPX4
  • Line Feed Operations: Bump Feed
  • No Load Speed (r.p.m.): Low 5000, High 6000
  • Shaft Type: Foldable
  • Single/Dual String: Dual
  • Height (inch): 9.1
  • Length (inch): 58.3
  • Weight (pound): ≤6.2pounds
  • Width (inch): 8.9
  • Voltage (volt): 20
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Kit Price: $129.99

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