Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw Video

We always enjoy running into the guys from Skilsaw, and we had the opportunity at the last World of Concrete event in Las Vegas, Nevada. This time around proved no different, as the good folks from Skilsaw had one of their most anticipated new tools – the Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw.


We’ve already reviewed the 13 amp version of the saw, and we enjoy the vibration-reducing characteristics. The Buzzkill system goes far beyond what other manufacturers have.  The 13-amp motor cuts slower than a 15-amp saw and it lacks a few features we like to see from Pro level saws. It’s also only $99.

Suffice to say that we’ve been excited to get our hands on the Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw. Having the Buzzkill anti-vibration on a full-size recip saw sounds like just the type of thing that gets us jazzed. This one, as you might expect, is a bit heavier than the previous iteration. This could be a good thing, as a bit more weight allows the saw to do more work on its own.

But the Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw also comes with an increase in power and most of the features we found lacking in the 13-amp model. A $199 price tag puts it up there with the top names in the business. Check out the video for more details.

Skilsaw Buzzkill 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw Features

  • Tough 15 Amp motor provides power for all applications
  • Patented Buzzkill technology delivers best in class in-line vibration suppression
  • Variable speed trigger controls tool speed for cutting specialized materials
  • Secure tool-less blade clamp holds up to hard job-site demands
  • Oversize trigger provides flexibility to cut in multiple positions
  • 1-1/4″ stroke length provides maximum cutting speed

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