Skilsaw MeduSaw Concrete Worm Drive

Skilsaw MeduSaw Concrete Worm Drive

When was the last time you thought it would be a good idea to take your Skilsaw to concrete cutting applications? At first glance, this might seem like a rather amateur question. The game is changing, though. The new Skilsaw MeduSaw Concrete Worm Drive should change the way you look at concrete cutting.

Skilsaw MeduSaw Overview

It’s clear from the name that Skilsaw’s designed this as a powerful tool. The company has re-branded its name, placing it on key worm drive products like the Worm Drive Table Saw. But it’s much more than just a good saw with a concrete blade on it. Skilsaw has addressed several major concerns when it comes to taking a circular saw and creating a concrete saw.

The Skilsaw MeduSaw solves the issue of friction on hard surfaces. It uses an integrated rolling foot plate and front pointer with rubber wheels. They ensured wet environment durability with rust-resistance brackets and fasteners.

Dust Management and GFCI Protection

From there, they designed a wet dust management system and included GFCI protection. There’s a vacuum port integrated on it for dry dust collection. Skilsaw’s Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock will allow you to make consistent and accurate plunge cuts.

“SKILSAW launched its first concrete cutting saw as part of its commitment to professionals and jobsite productivity. With MEDUSAW, we built features into the tool so you don’t need a second person to hold a vacuum or water hose to collect the dust; or a third person to hold a board down onto the surface to make a straight cut. We are very excited to watch MEDUSAW revolutionize the way workers cut concrete in a way that creates jobsite efficiency and cost savings. It combines all of the attachments of aftermarket products into a single, dedicated tool.”

Gregg Mangialardi, SKILSAW product manager

Skilsaw SPT79-00 Concrete Saw Features

  • First worm drive concrete saw
  • Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock
  • Wet/Dry dust management system
  • Integrated GFCI protection
  • Rust-resistant brackets and fasteners
  • Retractable front pointer guides saw along cut line and retracts for tight spaces
  • Integrated rolling footplate with rubber wheels
  • Powerful Dual-Field Motor
  • Multi-function wrench stored in foot


  • Model: SPT79-00
  • Arbor: 7/8 in.
  • Motor: 15A worm-drive geared
  • Blade size: 7 in.
  • Aluminum motor housing
  • Gear housing: Aluminum
  • Aluminum foot
  • Cut depth: 2 in.
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  • Weight: 16.9 lbs.
  • Warranty: 180 day StayTrue guarantee, 1-year limited

Our Take on the Skilsaw MeduSaw

The Skilsaw MeduSaw debuted at World of Concrete, but we got our hands on an early sample. At first look, the MeduSaw is a really compelling product. It takes into account the new OSHA rules on silica dust collection. It certainly seems like a well-designed saw. The fact that they’re putting out a hand-held concrete cutting saw for consideration as a serious professional level tool should raise some eyebrows.


We don’t necessarily expect this to come anywhere close to replacing power cutters in concrete applications. The 7-inch MeduSaw should be a solid supplement when those larger tools are simply more cumbersome than the job requires. Of course, there are other handheld saws on the market designed to cut the same materials. This model from Skilsaw, however, looks to be more capable than its competition.

The saw retails for just $399. Check out our MeduSaw video for more information.

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