Spyder STINGER Power Bits

Spyder STINGER Power Auger Bits

Spyder Stinger Wood-Boring Bits Excel in Finish Carpentry and Rough Construction

Spyder has added some more wood-boring bits for Pros. The Spyder Stinger Power Bits complement the line of spade and auger bits with some unique features of their own. Making fast and clean cuts with less drain on your battery, these bits make a great choice for drilling in both softwoods and hardwoods.

10-Second Summary

  • Kit Model: Spyder Stinger 15001
  • Designed for drilling in hard and soft woods
  • 40x faster cuts than conventional center-points spade bits
  • Work well for finish carpentry and rough construction applications
  • Optimized for both high- and low-torque drills, requiring 50% less torque
  • Make 25x more holes on a charge
  • Price: $19.98 for 4-piece kit (1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1″)

Spyder Stinger Power Bits

Speed is the name of the game with these bits. Spyder designed their Stinger Power Bits for use in both hard and soft woods. Of course, it works just as well as plywood, laminated wood, and particleboard. These Spyder Stinger Wood-Boring Bits feature a unique design that makes clean holes up to 40x faster than conventional center-point spade bits.

Spyder STINGER Power Auger Bits

The clean-cutting Spyder Stinger Power Bits excel in both finish carpentry and rough-ins. The design features a design on the front edges of the bits to deliver burr-free entry holes and no-blowout exit holes. It should produce relatively clean holes for woodworking projects. Of course, for plumbers and electricians, cleaner holes make pulling wire and inserting plumbing tubes a breeze.

Spyder STINGER Power Auger Bits

You can use these bits with both high- and low-torque drill motors and even impact tools—thanks to the 1/4-inch hex shaft. The design of these bits helps them require up to 50% less torque than your standard threaded auger and spade bits. Because of the reduced power requirements, you can make up to 25x as many holes on a battery charge.

Spyder On the New Bits

The Spyder Stinger Power Bits are an entirely new type of bit for wood-drilling. They make clean holes like Forstner bits and bore deep and straight like auger bits while providing an exceptional value like spade bits.

Ryan Campbell, Executive Vice President of Spyder

Our Thoughts and Pricing

What we find fascinating about these bits is the price really does approach that of spade bits, but you get the quality of a wood-boring bit. The leading edges look like they can be sharpened, and the design looks like it produces nice clean holes. We also think the lack of a self-feed tip allows you the flexibility to drive them harder and with more speed than, for example, a Bosch Daredevil spade bit.

You can find the Spyder Stinger Power Bits at your local Lowes’s or online. Currently, they come in a 4-piece kit for $19.98, though Spyder tells us that individual pieces and additional kits will become available in the future.

Spyder Stinger Power and Auger Bit Comparison

Stinger Power BitsStinger Auger Bits
ApplicationWood without nailsWood and wood with nails
Shank1/4″ impact-rated speed hex3/8″ and 7/16″ impact-rated speed hex
FinishVery clean entry and exit holesRougher entry and exit holes
PointNon-threaded center-point tip with chip reliefThreaded, self-feeding tip with chip relief
Speed40x faster than conventional bits20x faster than conventional bits
Life25x more holes than conventional bits10x more holes than conventional bits
Price$19.98 for 4-piece kit (1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1″)$29.98 for 3-piece kit (1/2, 3/4, and 1″)

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