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Stihl 36V Extended-Reach Pole Hedge Trimmers

Stihl Releases their Most Powerful Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmers

Stihl has released their most powerful 36V battery-powered hedge trimmers yet, the HLA 135 Series. These 3 models, differentiated by a fixed or adjustable cutting head and a short or long shaft, extend your reach. They definitely give you the tools to get a lot of trimming done quickly, even in noise-restricted areas.

What’s the Big Deal?

The Stihl HLA 135 extended-reach battery-powered hedge trimmers offer a few options in terms of design. The HLA 135, HLA 135 K, and HLA 135 K 145º hedge trimmers all feature the same shafts, gearboxes, and cutting heads as the gas-powered Stihl models to deliver the same performance and durability you’ve come to expect. They just pack them with a less noisy, more convenient battery-powered head.

The K models offer a shorter shaft. One of them offers a fixed cutting head while the other offers 145º of flexibility. The long-shaft version of the tool features the adjustable head as well, but can extend your reach out to 60-inches.

Stihl claims that the HLA 135 Series of 36V battery-powered hedge trimmers rivals the performance of their gas models. While the details of what that actually looks like remain pretty ill-defined, we feel we can base some of our expectations around the European models already available overseas.

The 36V brushless motors can move the dual-sided 24″ cutting blades at around 4,000 SPM (strokes per minute). The cutting teeth have a capacity of around 1-1/3″. That seems pretty respectable even by gas-powered standards. Stihl has also measured these models as producing anywhere between 85-96 dB(A), which ought to take it easier on your ears than a gas engine would.

Stihl HLA 135 Series Pole Hedge Trimmers Pricing

The Stihl is making the HLA 135 Brushless Pole Hedge Trimmers available sometime from both online and in-store Stihl dealerships. Retail prices range from $409.99 to $469.99 for the bare tool options. Stihl warranties all of their battery-powered tools for 3 years for residential use and 2 years for professional use.

To learn more about the Stihl 135 lineup of professional battery-powered OPE, including available batteries and your closest Stihl dealership, click here.

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Peter Laing

I just recently bought a HLA 135. While the machine works quite well and has a fast cutting blade speed it is extremely heavy. But the most disappointing feature is the performance level indicator it is just complete garbage you could be on a ladder or in a difficult positioning and the machine goes back to the one power level (if you want a low level of power surely all you need to do is lightly use the trigger) extremely disappointing and surely wasn’t designed by a person who trims hedges for a living.

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