September 24, 2021

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Stihl Pole Pruners | HT 134 and HT 135

Stihl HT135 Pole Pruner

Stihl Pro Pole Pruner Line Now Extends to Longer HT 134 and HT 135 Models

Stihl expanded their line of Professional Pole Pruners to feature even more shaft length than the HT 132 and HT 133. The Stihl HT 134 and HT 135 Pole Pruners give landscapers and lawn techs even greater reach for when it comes time to cut at height.

Stihl HTA 134 and 135 Pole Pruners: The Big Deal

The upgrade that Stihl has implemented with the line expansion comes down to each pole pruner’s extended shaft length. Prior to this release, Stihl offered a fixed-length pole pruner (HT 132) that extended 5 ft. 7 in., and an extendable shaft model (HT 133) that you could adjust between 7 ft. 6 in. to 11 ft. 6 in.

With the Stihl HT 134 and HT 135 Pole Pruners, you get even more reach. The fixed length model now extends to an overall length of 6 ft. 11 in. The adjustable length of the other model now reaches anywhere between 8 ft. 10 in. to 12 ft. 10 in. In both cases, the longer reach helps keep you on the ground instead of on a lift.

Beyond that, not too much else differs between these respective models. Both of the upgraded Stihl pole pruners feature the same 36.3 cc motor, which was the major upgrade from the HT 102 and 103 to the HT 132 and 133. It does look like the newer editions have a newer low-profile, anti-kickback chain and a bit more weight, but the extra weight could be expected with the extra shaft length.

Side by Side

ModelHT 132HT 133HT 134HT 135
ShaftFixed LengthExtendableFixed LengthExtendable
Overall Length5 ft. 7 in.7 ft. 6 in.
–11 ft. 6 in.
6 ft. 11 in.8 ft. 10 in.
–12 ft. 10 in.
Displacement36.3 cc36.3 cc36.3 cc36.3 cc
Engine Power1.9 bhp1.9 bhp1.9 bhp1.9 bhp
Weight12.6 lbs.15.9 lbs.14 lbs.17.3 lbs.
Fuel Capacity18 oz.24 oz.17.9 oz.17.9 oz.
Chain1/4″ Picco 71 PM31/4″ Picco 713/8″ Picco 61 PMM33/8″ Picco 61 PMM3


Stihl has not confirmed a hard release date for the HT 134 and 135 Pole Pruners yet, but we do know what you can expect to pay for these tools. The fixed-length HT 134 will retail for $499, while the extendable HT 135 will retail for $649.99. Both come with Stihl’s 2-year warranty. When these tools do become available, you’ll be able to find them at your local Stihl retailer.

Stihl Pole Pruner Specs

Stihl HT 134 Pole Pruner

  • Displacement: 36.3 cc (2.2 in.3)
  • Engine Power: 1.4 kW (1.9 bhp)
  • Weight: 6.35 kg (14.0 lbs.)
  • Length: 2.1 m (6’ 11”)
  • Fuel Capacity: 530 cc (17.9 oz.)
  • Oil Capacity: 220 cc (7.4 oz.)
  • Guide Bar Length: 35 cm (14 in.)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $499.99

Stihl HT 135 Pole Pruner

  • Displacement: 36.3 cc (2.2 in.3)
  • Engine Power: 1.4 kW (1.9 bhp)
  • Weight: 7.85 kg (17.3 lbs.)
  • Length: 2.7 to 3.9 m (8’10” to 12’10”)
  • Fuel Capacity: 530 cc (17.9 oz.)
  • Oil Capacity: 220 cc (7.4 oz.)
  • Guide Bar Length: 34 cm (14 in.)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $649.99

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