Stihl Zero-Turn Lawn Mower: 19 Models for 2023

Stihl Zero-Turn Mowers

Stihl Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Options Launch With Focuses On Pro And Homeowner Markets

Stihl joins forces with Briggs & Stratton for a line of zero-turn lawn mower models to add to their outdoor power equipment arsenal. The collaboration between these two companies aims to expand product offerings across the country. This mower lineup will even be made in the USA using global materials, bringing more jobs and opportunities to U.S.-based manufacturers.

Stihl makes some of the best chainsaws and other handheld equipment and manufactures a ton of products for lawn care and landscaping. With the introduction of zero-turn mowers to the company’s roster, Stihl will have what we consider to be one of the most robust ranges of outdoor power equipment in America.

Made in the USA

These mowers will be manufactured in the USA to keep them consistent with Stihl’s production and quality standards. Stihl is understandably enthusiastic about working with Briggs & Stratton and its long history in the lawncare/landscape industry.

“The introduction of zero-turn mowers allows our network of authorized local STIHL Dealers to offer an even greater breadth of product solutions for our customers who turn to STIHL for world class products and support to meet their garden and landscape needs.

“Working with Briggs & Stratton, a well-established leader in this product category, allows us to bring a superior product to market for both demanding professionals and discerning homeowners.”

Terry Horan, Stihl CEO and President

“We take great pride that STIHL has seen in Briggs & Stratton what we have known for years… We design, engineer and manufacture the best zero-turn mowers on the market.

“With a 114-year legacy of power application and manufacturing expertise, Briggs & Stratton is a trusted leader in this industry… We look forward to applying our superior product and manufacturing capabilities to produce STIHL zero-turn mowers.”

Steve Andrews, Briggs & Stratton CEO and President

Bracketing the Market

Stihl zero-turn mowers are launching with 5 separate lines and a total of 19 individual models on the Briggs & Stratton system. These include a variety of engine options from Kawasaki, Vanguard, and Briggs & Stratton, as well as a suite of accessories.

Stihl is also including models for every ZT mowing application— from Pro-grade reliability to farming and ranching models, and even down to homeowner-targeted machines.

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 700 and 900 Series

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 700 and 900 Series

Beginning with the more high-end, professional-grade lineup, the Stihl 700-series and 900-series ZTs cover the meat of the lineup with a total of 12 models.

Deck widths range from 52 to 72 inches. While lines from other brands often include 48-inch options for their ZTs, it looks like Stihl is leaving that one out for now. Perhaps we’ll see a stand-on range in the future that covers the smaller deck widths.

There are a variety of high-performance engine options, including Vanguard or Kawasaki EFI engines, or a Kawasaki carbureted engine.

Both series mowers have four-wheel suspension with mowing deck height compensation. Additionally, they feature independent front suspension with upper and lower control arms reminiscent of the ISX mower series from Ferris (a Briggs & Stratton brand). This system uses four steel control rods and a coil-over shock suspension. In our experience, you get a smooth ride from mowers that use this system.

The Hydro-Gear ZT transaxles give you a top speed of 12 mph in the 900-series and 10 mph in the 700-series. Both go up to 5 mph in reverse.

With the 700-series, you get a deluxe seat with armrests. The 900-series takes it a step up, giving you a premium suspension seat with armrests and an adjustable backrest.

Additional Features and Specifications

  • Heavy-duty 8-inch and 10-inch cast iron, greaseable mower deck spindles
  • Efficient, cool-running two-belt mower drive system enables a longer lifespan and less maintenance
  • Two USB-A ports with 3.15 amps of power
  • Accessory-compatible trailer hitch
  • Foot-operated cutting height adjustment
  • Cup holders
  • Flexible side rubber discharge chute
  • Flip-up floor pan provides serviceability and cleaning of the mowing deck.
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Fuel gauge is visible from the operator’s seat
  • Dual-function hour meter tracks both run time and mowing hours

Stihl 700 and 900 Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Price

  • Stihl RZ 752i: $13,149.99
  • Stihl RZ 752 K: $11,899.99
  • Stihl 752i K: $11,849.99
  • Stihl RZ 760i: $13,849.99
  • Stihl RZ 760 K: $12,499.99
  • Stihl RZ 760i K: $12,449.99
  • Stihl RZ 960i: $17,899.99
  • Stihl RZ 960 K: $17,899.99
  • Stihl RZ 960i K: $18,199.99
  • Stihl RZ 972i: $18,399.99
  • Stihl RZ 972 K: $18,399.99
  • Stihl RZ 972i K: $18,699.99

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 500 Series

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 500 Series

The Stihl 500-series zero-turn mowers include four models that come in either a 52-inch or 60-inch mowing deck. They’re ideal for farm and ranch operators, as well as lawncare professionals. You get top speeds of 10 mph (or 5 mph in reverse) thanks to the commercial-grade Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transaxles. These mowers also have a four-wheel suspension system like the 700- and 900-series models.

There are four models in this line— the RZ 552, RZ 552 K, RZ 560, and RZ 560 K.

Additional Features and Specifications

  • Large fuel capacity and easily-visible fuel gauge
  • Foldable Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with rattle-preventing polyurethane blocks to prevent rattling
  • Aluminum 5.25-inch mower deck spindles for easier maintenance and extended life
  • Efficient, cool-running two-belt mower drive system enables a longer lifespan and less maintenance
  • Two USB-A portswith 3.15 amps of power
  • Foot-operated cutting height adjustment
  • Deluxe seat designed to provide a comfortable ride throughout the job
  • Cup holders
  • Flexible side rubber discharge chute
  • Flip-up floor pan provides serviceability and cleaning of the mowing deck.
  • Dual-function hour meter tracks both run time and mowing time

Stihl 500 Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Price

  • Stihl RZ 552: $9,949.99
  • Stihl RZ 552 K: $10,449.99
  • Stihl RZ 560: $10,499.99
  • Stihl RZ 560 K: $10,999.99

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 100 and 200 Series

Stihl Zero Turn Lawn Mower: 100 and 200 Series

The Stihl RZ 142, RZ 152, and RZ 261 make up the 100-series and 200-series ZTs for the homeowner market. While they’re not as powerful as the ones earlier on this list, they still provide homeowners with the reliability and performance that Stihl is known for. Both series come standard with reliable 23-25 HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engines along with Hydro-Gear transaxles to deliver top speeds of 8.5 mph (4 mph in reverse).

Additionally, the RZ 152 and RZ 261 models include four-wheel suspension with adjustable rear shock absorbers. The Stihl RZ 261 model even includes a commercial-grade 61-inch mowing deck, making it ideal for larger residential areas or farming applications.

Additional Features and Specifications

  • 3-gallon fuel capacity
  • Foot-operated cutting height adjustment
  • 12-gauge welded frame
  • Hour meter tracks and displays runtime
  • Flexible side rubber discharge chute
  • Greaseable mower deck spindles
  • Spin-on transaxle oil filter captures debris and simplifies maintenance
  • Two USB-A ports
  • Cup holders

Stihl 100 and 200 Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Price

  • Stihl RZ 142: $3,899.99
  • Stihl RZ 152: $5,649.99
  • Stihl RZ 261: $7,449.99

Stihl Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Financing and Warranty

There will be several financing plans to make it easier for professional landscapers to include these ZTs in their fleets. Qualified customers can get 0% financing, as well as low APR programs. Stihl sweetens the pot by offering professionals financing through a Stihl dealer the option to include Stihl handheld tools in the same purchase for financing.

All Stihl zero-turn mowers are eligible for financing.

Stihl includes a 3-year limited warranty with all of its zero-turn mowers. Consumer models carry 3 years or 500 hours, whichever comes first. For professional models, that number goes up to 3 years or 1500 hours. Expect to see them at authorized Stihl dealers starting in January 2023.

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