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Klein Tool Station Backpack

Klein Tool Station Backpack for Electricians

The Klein Tool Station Backpack literally stands out among Klein’s solid backpack lineup—and many of its competitors. Many bags—even some with hard-molded bottoms—easily tip over once you add a few tools. The main zippers on the Klein Tool Station go all the way to the bottom. This creates a stable bag and provides ample access […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Milwaukee Low-Profile Backpack 48-22-8202 Review

Milwaukee Low-Profile Backpack Fits a Minimalist Work Life There are plenty of tool backpacks to choose from and I’m more of a minimalist kinda guy. I like multi-bit drivers, multi-purpose pliers, and anything else that helps me reduce the number of tools I have to carry. Since I’m constantly on the go, it makes for […]

Review8.4(out of 10)

Greenlee Professional Tool Backpack 0158-26 Review

Greenlee Professional Tool Backpack Dials in Comfort There are a ton of options for toting tools to and from the job site. If you’re thinking a backpack sounds like a good solution, you’re right! With the right balance of weight and capacity, a backpack is a great way to move your electrical tools around, especially […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack Review

Early in my career, I quickly learned the value of organized tools. Like a lot of guys, I started out using a big duffel to carry everything whether I need it that day or not. It’s heavy and disorganized, but it’s cheap. However, even the greenest apprentice can figure out that it’s actually disorganization that’s expensive on the […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Klein Tool Master Backpack Review 55485

In the last Klein Tools Backpack review, Johnny Sanders explained the nuances of electricians’ tool bag needs. He does rough-in and trim-out electrical work exclusively, so he requires a large tool bag for all the tools he needs at his disposal. With respect to the tool bag Johnny was reviewing, another co-worker asked, “what would I […]

Review8.3(out of 10)
Ideal Dual Compartment Backpack

Ideal Tool Backpack Review: HUGE Storage Capacity

Tool storage and transportation can sometimes be a bit of a bear. Selecting the right tool to carry your tools can be challenging; with so many tool bags, tool chests, tool boxes, and backpacks on the market, we’ve got a lot of options to consider. Different trades will have different demands, and a “one-size-fits-all” approach […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Backpack

Klein Tradesman Pro Tool Backpack

What good is a disorganized mess of tools that you can’t easily carry from one job to another? The short answer: no good. Most of us are guilty of failure to keep our tools tidy, even though we know the consequences: frustration, wasted time, and lost income. Even more to the point: if I can’t […]

Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac

Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac Backpack

Veto Pro Pac recently partnered with TrueTimber to incorporate their Kanati Pattern into the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac line of tool bags. The end result is an updated camo version of the Tech Pac. The Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac Backpack continues in the Veto Pro Pac tradition of rugged utility, but with new […]

Greenlee Next Generation Tool Bags

Greenlee Next Generation Tool Bags Coming Soon

Greenlee Textron recently introduced a new line of Greenlee Next Generation tool bags with multiple pockets and compartments constructed from a poly and nylon Ripstop fabric and featuring double and triple stitching on critical seams, light green interior for visibility, a hard plastic bottom, and a personalized name patch customization option. “Greenlee is committed to producing […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Klein Tradesman Pro Camo Backpack

Klein Tradesman Pro Camo Backpack Review

I have high hopes for the Klein Tradesman Pro Camo Backpack. After all, what’s just as fun as getting new tools? Well, getting tools that organize and carry your other tools, of course. There’s not a Pro out there who doesn’t suffer through the (often self-inflicted) frustration of leaving an important tool at the shop, […]