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CAMO Lever Deck Board Straightener

Camo Lever Bends, Aligns, and Straightens CAMO has launched the Lever, a tool that bends, straightens, and aligns deck boards during installation. The new CAMO Lever looks like it should save time on deck installs and works with pressure-treated wood, hardwoods, composite, and PVC. How Does It Work? Requiring almost no set-up time, the CAMO […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
MoistureShield Composite Decking FI

MoistureShield Composite Decking Review

First, you walk out the front door and notice the paint on your wood decking is starting to fade. Before you know it, days turn into years, and now you’re stepping over rotten wood and voids where faded paint used to be. After you lose a few toys a couple of small pets, and maybe […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Camo Edge Pro Deck Fastening System

Camo Edge Pro Deck Fastening System

A beautiful deck improves just about any outdoor space. In a way, it brings the indoors outside by creating room for furniture and food preparation. It adds a room to the house to socialize, grill, relax, and enjoy nice weather. Like any project, it takes a lot of effort to make sure that it looks good and functions well […]

Senco SHD150XP

Senco SHD150XP Mantis Hidden Deck Clip Nailer

By some estimates, nearly half the decking market has moved to hidden fasteners. Can you blame them? It leaves a professional finish without the issues of screws popping up. Senco’s Mantis Hidden Deck System came out as an innovative system leaving a gap between the deck board and joist to allow for proper airflow and drying. […]

Deckorators Announces New Products 2016

New Deckorators Decking Materials: Spring 2016

Last fall, Clint finally updated his deck using Deckorators Vista Composite Decking. I mean that sincerely as there were several issues that needed to be resolved. Going with Deckorators decking materials was really a no-brainer in the brutal central Florida climate and the results are outstanding. It’s no wonder that we’re excited for the new […]

Deckorators porch after 1

Upgrading a Deck with Deckorators Vista Composite Decking

I live in an historic district in central Florida where most of the homes were built during the 1920’s or earlier. My own home was built sometime between 1919 and 1923 (the historical records lack an exact date for it). These old homes have lots of character, particularly with regard to their porches, which are […]

Senco Mantis Deck Clip System

Senco Mantis Deck Clip System

Hidden deck fastening systems are all but a must for professional builders these days. Not everyone demands them, but discerning customers prefer the clean look. As a deck builder, offering a hidden fastening system immediately gives the impression that you are a more skilled professional than those that don’t. Senco has joined the hidden fastener […]