CAMO Lever Deck Board Straightener

Camo Lever Bends, Aligns, and Straightens

CAMO has launched the Lever, a tool that bends, straightens, and aligns deck boards during installation. The new CAMO Lever looks like it should save time on deck installs and works with pressure-treated wood, hardwoods, composite, and PVC.

10-Second Summary

  • Straightens and locks-in boards
  • Speeds up grooved deck installation
  • Straightens warped boards
  • Adjusts to single, double, and steel joists
  • Multi-directional lever locks in one turn
  • Price: $104.95

How Does It Work?

Requiring almost no set-up time, the CAMO board straightener locks onto any joist. It features an adjustable knob that adjusts the grip width. This makes it compatible with single, double, or even steel joists.

From there, a turn from the padded lever presses and locks the board into place, leaving your hands free to fasten the board down. Most importantly, it lets you straighten warped boards, keeping spacing between boards even and consistent.

As mentioned above, we like that the CAMO Lever works with pressure-treated lumber, hardwood, composite, PVC, and even grooved decking.

CAMO estimates that using this tool in conjunction with their other decking solutions (like CAMO Drive and CAMO Pro Guide) can help you build your decks up to 5x faster. If you compare that to doing everything manually…perhaps.

Having checked out other decking board straighteners, I’d say the strength of this system lies in the mechanism. Rather than a ratcheting lever like the BoWrench, or the lever-action of a Stanley Board Bender or DeckWise, you get a leveraged wheel that gently, but firmly applies pressure. It also does so without much effort—and it locks in place when done.

The main thing we like about this tool is that it seems to facilitate doing more by yourself. If I can send my helper to do other tasks while I fasten decking boards solo, I stay more productive (and profitable).


You can pick up this CAMO tool for $104.95, either through the CAMO website or online at Amazon. For more information about the CAMO Lever Deck Board Straightener, visit the website by clicking here.

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