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Southwire Extension Cords | What Kind of Extension Cord Do I Need>

What Kind of Extension Cord Do I Need?

While the world of cordless tools is expanding, the use of corded tools for construction and home renovation is still necessary. That brings about the common question: What kind of extension cord do I need? The best rule of thumb is: The heavier the cord the better. You’ll find that extension cords are normally available from […]

Milspec Pro Lock Locking Extension Cords

Milspec Pro Lock Locking Extension Cords

Lock Into A Milspec Pro Lock Extension Cord and Kiss Accidental Disconnects Goodbye With the Milspec Pro Lock locking extension cords, you can plug in and power up without having to worry about any inadvertent unplugging and the subsequent loss of power. They’re convenient, easy to use, and highly durable. Pop and Lock Each of […]

Southwire Custom Print Extension Cords Reduce Theft Losses

Southwire Custom Print Extension Cords Offer Color and Print Options to Reduce Losses Southwire custom print extension cords give you some colorful options along with custom printing. It’s not just a customizable gimmick, it’s designed to help you reduce jobsite theft losses. Many major construction firms include tool theft as part of their bidding processes. […]

FreeReel Cord Reel extension

FreeReel Cord Reel and Hose Reel Preview

Martin Product Designs (MPD) has introduced the FreeReel, a reel system designed to keep cords and hoses cleaner. It also promises to keep hoses kink- and tangle-free and allow them to rewind faster than other reels. The FreeReel is made for the mobile use, although a wall mount accessory is available.  That’s not to say that consumers […]

Yellow Jacket 5148 8-outlet power block

Yellow Jacket Metal Power Blocks Review

Two new Yellow Jacket metal power blocks came through our doors for review, and we liked the build quality of each right off the bat. The Yellow Jacket 2177N is a 4-outlet Metal power block that has a lighted switch, and the Yellow Jacket 5148 has 8-outlets and two USB ports with 2.4 A of power for your […]

Coleman Cable Yellow Jacket Extension Cords

Yellow Jacket Extension Cords Review

When you need an extension cord, sometimes you just pick up anything that seems to do the job. The problem is, extension cords are like big long resistors, and they can heat up and draw precious current (and thus power) away from your tool if they’re not properly gauged (sized) to the task. Coleman Cable and […]

RoboReel Extension Cord Reel – Robots in Your Garage

I have always liked the idea of a “smart” extension cord reel. I don’t want it to talk to me, but it should at least be able to retract without being helped. That’s the RoboReel in a nutshell. It features a microprocessor that lets you program a “docking point” where the cord will automatically slow-down […]