FreeReel Cord Reel and Hose Reel Preview

FreeReel Cord Reel extension

Martin Product Designs (MPD) has introduced the FreeReel, a reel system designed to keep cords and hoses cleaner. It also promises to keep hoses kink- and tangle-free and allow them to rewind faster than other reels. The FreeReel is made for the mobile use, although a wall mount accessory is available.  That’s not to say that consumers can’t benefit from it, but Pros are being targeted. The body of the FreeReel cord reel is made from glass-filled nylon and Delron, and the metal parts are stainless steel. If you’re tethered to an air tool or the wall, you know the potential inconvenience of cord and hose. We were ready to see what the FreeReel Cord Reel and Hose Reel had to offer.

First Impressions

The FreeReel assembles easily by fastening the control arm to the cassette with the threaded blue control handle. The path of the cord looks a little confusing, but MPD includes instructions with pictures in the manual. They also have several short YouTube videos to explain the setup. Once the male end of the cord is secured on the cassette, the cord can be wound around the reel by grasping the blue knob with your left hand and winding the red knob with your right hand. The cassette’s form on one end is flared out to allow the FreeReel to stand with the handle in the air.

FreeReel Cord Reel

Using the FreeReel Cord Reel and Hose Reel

Plug in the tool to the FreeReel’s extension cord and then walk the FreeReel toward the power source. Unwind the male end from the cassette’s winding posts and plug in. To rewind the cord, rewind the male end around the winding posts and then wind by grasping the blue handle with your left hand again. It’s as simple as that.

The FreeReel’s strength lies in the cylindrical non-rotating cord guide. It keeps the cord on the reel during rewind which speeds up the process. A normal reel often throws the cord, which can be annoying. The handle and stand-up design are nice, too. There’s little doubt that the FreeReel cord and hose reel can keep its occupants tidy and protected for mobile use.

FreeReel Cord Reel Hose Reel

Final Thoughts

We know the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to bring a product to market. Still, we worry that the ~$50 price point may not adequately communicate the value of the FreeReel to the professional user. The FreeReel won’t make your life less stressful, it simply protects expensive extension cords and hoses. As those can cost upwards of $80 to $100 or more, protection during winding makes sense. It’s also a much simpler product than something like a RoboReel Air Hose Reel. The FreeReel winds cords quickly and keeps them tangle-free. Still, as quickly as the FreeReel winds up cords and hoses, the challenge for Pro consumers will be buying it over that $8 reel. Hopefully, material choice and ease-of-use will sell that.

The FreeReel cord and hose reel seems to accomplish everything it was designed to do very well. If you’re a Pro who uses extension cords or hoses often, you’ll want to give it a try.

FreeReel Cord and Hose Reel Features

  • Cord guide
  • Winding cassette
  • Optional wall storage mount
  • Elastic cord end capture loop
  • Winding posts

FreeReel Cord and Hose Reel Specifications

  • Glass-filled nylon and delron body
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • 5-year warranty

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