Milspec Pro Lock Locking Extension Cords

Milspec Pro Lock Locking Extension Cords

Lock Into A Milspec Pro Lock Extension Cord and Kiss Accidental Disconnects Goodbye

With the Milspec Pro Lock locking extension cords, you can plug in and power up without having to worry about any inadvertent unplugging and the subsequent loss of power. They’re convenient, easy to use, and highly durable.

10-Second Summary

  • Milspec Pro Lock extension cords automatically lock plugs into place upon insertion
  • 80-pound pull resistance
  • High impact polycarbonate collar and housing
  • Molded lighted amber power check plug indicates power
  • Molded Pro Lock green-lighted CGM connector identifies the cord has grounded continuity
  • Manufactured to 12/3 AWG specs
  • Each conductor contains 65 strands of AWG 100% copper
  • -58° cold weather PVC jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures below freezing
  • UL Listed and cUL Listed
  • Custom printing available

Pop and Lock

Each of the Milspec Pro Lock extension cords come molded with the Pro Lock connector. When you insert a cord with a standard U-Ground 15A-125V plug into the Pro Lock connector, the connector locks the plug into place.

Anything short of 80 pounds worth of vertical or horizontal pull force will fail at undoing that connection, meaning that you can kiss most accidental disconnects and power losses goodbye.

When it’s time to pack it all up for the day, you simply pull down on the collar to disconnect your cords.

The locking feature is only one of the many things going for the Milspec Pro Lock Extension Cords. Milspec uses a high impact polycarbonate collar and housing to prevent shattering when you inevitably drop the end of the cord onto a hard surface. We didn’t try this, but Milspec says they’ve driven vehicles over the connector without failure.

The Pro Lock cords feature green-lit CGM connectors that let you know that the cord has ground continuity. A molded lighted amber power check plug indicates when power is running through the cord.

Milspec manufactures each Pro Lock cord to 12/3 AWG specs. Each of the three conductors contains 65 strands of 30AWG 100% copper wire.

They’re UL listed in the United States and cUL listed for our northern friends in Canada. Those north of the border (or close to it) ought to appreciate that Milspec uses a cold-weather PVS jacket to keep the cord flexible even in extremely cold climates.

Personalize It!

Finally, Milspec will even allow you to have your Pro Lock cords custom printed with your name and telephone number at no extra charge. They print the info every 12 inches for the entire length of the cord. This discourages theft while also providing advertising and company recognition.

A Few More Thoughts

We’ve been using Milspec Pro Lock locking extension cords in our shop for several months and they’re super-easy to use. The best part is obviously the locking connections. There’s no need to tie cords together or wait for the inevitable disconnection when you’re dragging them from one spot to the next.

Milspec Pro Lock Locking Extension Cords

One of the big concerns is compatibility with other plugs. Whether it’s a 2-prong or 3-prong plug you’re trying to connect, there’s a good chance it’ll work. The locking connection works because of the holes you see on the blades. Only the cheapest built cords manage to mess it up, so roughly 90% to 95% of the plugs out there are going to lock.

We haven’t come across any cords in our shop that don’t lock properly and we’ve tried them with everything from competing extension cords to battery chargers.

Free personalization is a nice touch. These are premium cords, though, so don’t expect them to come at bargain store prices. You can get them in 10-gauge or 12-gauge sizes with 50′ and 100′ lengths available. For the 12/3 style, expect to pay around $50 for the 50′ and $80 for the 100′ cords.

For more information about Milspec Pro Lock locking extension cords, visit the company site here.

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