October 24, 2021

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Kincrome Club Hammer framing hammers

Kincrome Club Hammer and Claw Hammers

Kincrome is a privately-owned Australian company that began back in 1987 and which now serves the Automotive, Industrial, and Hardware markets. They carry over 3500 line items, have over 215,000 square feet of warehouse space, and ship over 1,300 containers of tools per year. While Kincrome tools aren’t yet available in the USA, the company is growing fast enough to warrant looking into the US market—and we’ve […]

Hammers laid out

Holding Out for the Best Framing Hammer

Arguably one of the oldest tools known to humanity is the hammer—the irony being that we are still trying to come up with new ways to improve it. While it might be a prehistoric tool, there is no way it is going to go extinct any time soon since most homes (at least in this […]

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Hand Tools

Hand tools were likely the very first tools you got in your, well, hands. That’s because the nature of their design is basic – metal forged or cast into a shape. Along came improvements in the understanding of the chemistry leading to heat treatment and grips that were more comfortable and insulated against electricity. There’s […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
powerstrike hammers

Powerstrike Hammer Review

Everyone who knows me knows that I love cool hammers. The new Powerstrike hammer from Powerstrike Precision Technology is, by far, one of the best framing hammers I’ve ever been privileged to use. It’s simply unbelievably cool, and I’d go so far as to call this hammer a “machine”. It’s fabricated from no less than 10 […]

Estwing Tactical Hammer and Black Eagle Axe

A few Estwing Tactical Hammers and Black Eagle Axes were smuggled out of the STAFDA show by secret envoy (OK, actually they just gave them to us to check out). They’re super light and include a side nail puller and a magnetic nail starter at the top of the 13 ounce milled or smooth face. A […]

DeWalt DWHT51138 15 oz MIG Weld Framing Hammer Review

DeWalt DWHT51138 MIG Weld Framing Hammer Review

In a world of one piece forged and machined hammers, the new DeWalt DWHT51138 15oz MIG Weld Framing Hammer brings a new way of building hammers to the table. The face, claw and handle are actually separate pieces of forged steel that are permanently joined together. The benefit of the three different pieces is that they can be individually heat treated for the properties that are required. Also, by shaving off some of the extra weight and mass, DeWalt is claiming that this hammer swings like a 15 ounce hammer, but hits like a 28 ouncer. We find this to be similar to the claims that we have seen from manufactures of titanium hammers. While we like the looks of this new hammer, we wanted to know if it could stand up to real job site use and if the lightweight-extra power claim could prove itself in the field.

Hart 21 oz. Milled Face Steel Framing Hammer Review

Hart 21 oz Milled Face Steel Framing Hammer Review

For some, a hammer isn’t all that important. If you’re serious about tools, however, or a framer by trade, a hammer is an extension of your arm and something you use almost all the time. With that being the case, issues like weight, features, and balance become very important. In fact, when you’re striking nails almost non-stop, it’s possible to actually calculate the time-is-money factor, and you’ll see that your choice of hammer becomes something that could net you literally hours of labor-savings over the course of a year. It was with that mentality that we turned our fascination to Hart’s line of Mill-faced Steel Framing Hammers.

DeWalt Moving Into the Hand Tool Business

DeWalt Moving Into the Hand Tool Business

Since DeWalt’s founding they have primarily been about power tools, but expect to see many new innovations hitting the market soon in the areas of hand tools. That’s right – hand tools. So how big of a deal is this for the company? Well, just look in the job site trailer or the back of almost any contractor’s van […]

Makita HM0870C 11 lb Demolition Hammer Preview

Makita HM0870C 11 lb Demolition Hammer Preview

At the 2011 World of Concrete (WoC) show this year, Makita unleashed a new hard hitting demolition hammer that uses less weight to accomplish more. The demo hammer, which accepts SDS-Max bits, weighs only 11.1 lbs. and is ideally suited for horizontal work and jobs where you just don’t want to lift a heavier hammer off the ground. The new tool comes with an Electronic Speed Control that automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most challenging jobs. It also features a soft start motor to suppress start-up reaction and current draw for more control and better accuracy.

Vaughan V3 Hammer Preview

Vaughan V3 Hammer Preview

Vaughan and Bushnell have introduced the newest generation of hammer with their V3. We like Vaughan hammers and the Vaughan V3 is an exceptional addition since it is finally available in a smaller 16 ounce head and 13″ handle. The existing V5 and V5a are designed for framing applications and heavier-duty work and have a […]