March 2, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

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Milwaukee M18 Plumbing Inspection System

Milwaukee M18 Pipeline Inspection System

Milwaukee Brings Modular Design to Plumbing Inspection Milwaukee is introducing major improvements to plumbing inspection with the M18 battery as its power source. The Milwaukee M18 Pipeline Inspection System is a modular system designed to make inspection easier to use and see. Because of its modular nature, there’s just one control/recording system to learn, it’s […]

Klein Borescope

Klein Borescope Inspection Camera

Watch Exciting Episodes of Your Jobsite From Your Phone With the Klein Borescope Inspection Camera The Klein Borescope Inspection Camera casts images directly to your Android or iPhone devices via a WiFi connection instead of using an onboard display. Depending on your comfort with technology, it might just be a big step forward for your […]

Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

Ridgid recently announced its next-generation hand-held inspection cameras with the Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera and Micro CA-150. As you surely expect, these carry a design to help plumbers inspect, locate, and diagnose issues. The Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera features a 12V rechargeable Li-Ion battery, image rotation, digital zoom, and up to a 32GB memory […]

Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex System with flexible inspection camera

Milwaukee M12 Flexible Inspection Camera Review

Problem-solving is something of a pastime for me. I may even call it a passion. I like trying to figure out how to solve or find a solution for difficult issues. What kind of issues, you might wonder? For this review, I wanted to be able to see the backside of walls, under floors, inside engines, and […]