Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Camera – 720P Display

Milwaukee Brings Another Inspection Camera To The Plumbing Market

Plumbers need to be able to locate issues behind walls and inside pipes. Since x-ray vision isn’t an option (yet), this Milwaukee inspection camera might be the next best thing. We’re taking a look at how the brand updated the design with some new technology to help plumbing Pros get the job done.

Milwaukee Inspection Camera Overview

Milwaukee Inspection Camera with 4-foot cable
  • Model: Milwaukee 2323-21
  • 4.3-inch LCD screen
  • 720p camera
  • 10mm camera head
  • Enables sharing of photos and videos via SD card
  • 360° camera rotation
  • 3 zoom levels
  • 5-mode brightness adjustment
  • 4-foot or 10-foot cable models

This tool uses a 10mm camera head to let you trace plumbing problems behind walls and inside pipes. The device features a 4.3-inch LCD screen, to which the camera delivers 720p video for crisp, clear images.

Since the camera head is so small, it allows for easy access and fits within a patchable 3/8-inch hole in drywall. This camera size coupled with 360° image rotation also allows for improved navigation and easy image adjustment.

This inspection camera features either a 4-foot or 10-foot cable, depending on the length you need. Along with these models, you can find the 2319-20 inspection camera, which is powered by four AA batteries. It has a 4-foot cable and shares the same 4.3 LCD screen and small camera head as the M12 models, but features a smaller 180° image rotation. It also saves you a pretty penny for those who might not need all the bells and whistles as the M12 cameras.

Milwaukee Inspection Camera in use

Milwaukee Inspection Camera Price

These inspection cameras will be available at your favorite Milwaukee retailer starting in April 2023. The 4-foot M12 kit will retail for $229, the 10-foot M12 for $259, and the AA-powered 4-foot kit will sell for $109. The M12 kits include a battery, a charger, and various cable attachments. Milwaukee warranties the tools for 5 years and the M12 batteries for 2 years.

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