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Review8.8(out of 10)
Dickies Pro 3-in-1 Integrated Outerwear System

Dickies Pro 3-in-1 Integrated Outerwear System

Being a fairly avid outdoor guy makes it so that I have not only experienced climate change in real time but also the realities of staying dry and warm for survival. The environmental conditions can range greatly here in North America from sweltering heat and torrential downpours to blizzard like conditions and everything in between. As […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee Hooded Jacket

Milwaukee Hooded Jacket 252B

Temperatures around the country are cooling down and winter will be here before we know it. It’s time to decide if you’re in the market for a new jacket this year and you have some decisions to make beyond just ensuring the design is tough enough for the jobsite. There is a new solution on […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Walls Storm Protector Solid Softshell Jacket

Walls Storm Protector Solid Softshell Jacket

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I get excited over new workwear. Every piece of clothing I own has a story. Every paint splatter, knife puncture, and metal shard is the result of a project that I’m proud to have put my name on. New clothing carries with it the potential of what projects […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Walls Rockwall Muscle Back Coat

Walls Rockwall Muscle Back Coat with Kevlar Review

It all started one bright November day (when it happened to still be in the mid 80’s here in Central Florida, but I digress) and it went something like this… Kenny: Hey, you want to review a new coat from Walls? It’s got Kevlar in it! Me: Dude, did you just just offer me a […]

Review8.9(out of 10)
Wolverine Renegade Jacket Feature

Wolverine Renegade Jacket Review

Here in Florida, we’re a bit spoiled. We’re just now getting out our long sleeved shirts and it’s debatable when we’ll need our jackets. Last month, Clint and I actually had to go to the desert to cool off with STAFDA taking place in Phoenix. Even with lows barely reaching into the 50’s, I didn’t […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Truewerk Featured Image 2

Truewerk Workwear Review

Truewerk Workwear Brings High Performance Technical Gear to the Jobsite Durable workwear is as important as having a dependable power tool. For the professional, choosing the perfect work gear means finding the perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, durability, and functionality. Honestly, all of us make tradeoffs. Personally, I value comfort and function and will give […]