October 21, 2021

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Finish Nailers Family

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Finish Nailers Announced!

We knew that Milwaukee had some cordless finish nailers in the works, but we weren’t sure when we’d officially be given word on them. Today is that day, my friends. Milwaukee M18 Fuel Finish Nailers are taking advantage of brushless technology to lay claim as the first cordless nailers to consistently seat nails below flush […]

Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Nailers PCC790LA_A1

Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Nailers

Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Nailers Announced with Two 18 Gauge Models We’re hanging out in Louisville checking out outdoor power equipment, but thanks to the magic of technology we’re really excited to tell you about the new Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Nailers that have just been announced! Porter-Cable is no stranger to nailers, but this is […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Ridgid Hyperdrive 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Feature

Ridgid Hyperdrive 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Review

As a finish carpenter by trade, a brad nailer is a very important tool in my box. I pull that nail gun out at least 5 times a week. But along with that lightweight pneumatic nailer, I have to lug my air compressor around and contend with the inevitably tangled mess of an air hose. […]

Milwaukee 2458-21 M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Review

Milwaukee 2458-21 M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Review

The Milwaukee 2458-21 M12 Cordless Palm Nailer is one of those types of tools that you probably won’t use every day, but it could prove to be a real asset when the occasion arises. We got a glimpse of this nailer at the 2010 Milwaukee Media Event where we were able to try out a few pre-production models – and they did prove very promising. We were slightly surprised that they were able to drive 16d common nails flush into 2×4 studs all day long. Finally a cordless, hand-held nailer that really drove nails. Up to now, the few battery powered nailers that we have seen, also known as auto hammers, have been more like gadgets than real working gear. The idea of being able to leave the air compressor, air hose, drop cords and nailers in the work trailer is rather compelling. Given its fairly compact size, you can drive nails in those difficult tight spots where you normally might not be able to fit a full size nailer or swing a hammer. To make it even better there is a LED work light built in that should make it easier to see what you are doing in a dim or dark work area.

Duo-Fast DFCR175C Cordless Roofing Coil Nailer Review

Duo-Fast DFCR175C Cordless Roofing Coil Nailer Review

For the first time ever, you can install flashing, vent boots and do roofing repairs without having to drag out a compressor, hose and nailer thanks to the new Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Coil Nailer. This new nailer uses an exclusive gas and battery system to give you the full functionality that you would expect from a pneumatic roofing nailer; complete with coil nails. While we were a little skeptical at first, after some quality time with the nailer we concluded that this really is a must-have tool if you are in the roofing repair business.

Bosch Coil Roofing Nailer

Bosch Coil Roofing Nailer RN175 Review

Roofing nailers come in many sizes and shapes. Bosch’s Coil Roofing Nailer RN175 provides several advantages that we wanted to test out in the field. By evaluating it in practical use we hoped to see whether this relative newcomer could compete in a market that has been dominated by a relatively small number of stand-out manufacturers for a long time. The attraction of Bosch’s new line of pneumatic tools includes the advanced technology they use in order to eliminate a lot of the volume typically required in order to reset the tool during each firing of the pneumatic piston. In the case of the RN175, we found that while the tool absolutely has less girth than many competing products, the tool still overall has an equivalent heft and bulk to many of its competitors.