June 21, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Tapcon Next-Gen Blue Concrete Screw Anchors

Tapcon Improves a Popular Design For Even Better Productivity There is an expectation that even the best concrete screw anchors will break or spin out during installation. This makes for more rework, slowing down productivity. Now, next-gen Tapcon Concrete Screw Anchors feature designs that aim to minimize rework due to fastener SNAFUs. Tapcon On the […]

What Are Tamperproof Screws?

Tamperproof Screws and Security Fasteners | What You Need to Know

When we took a look at the Klein 4-in-1 Torx Screwdriver we came across one of its more notable features. “Includes T7, T8, T10 and T15 tamperproof Torx pin bits,” the packaging told us. Off in the distance, we hear the intern ask, “What’s a tamperproof bit?” And, just like that, we have the subject […]

Organizing Milwaukee Packout all1

Organizing Screws and Nails Using Milwaukee Packout – Best Solution

Hello. My name is Clint DeBoer, and I hoard fasteners…After organizing screws and nails in all of the wrong ways, the Milwaukee Packout system helped me do it right. I used the Packout system to categorize and organize screws, nails, and every other faster I had into easily-accessible containers. Even better, the Packout system functions […]

Staraborn 2 Inch Cap-Tor xd Deck Screw

Starborn Cap-Tor xd Deck Screw Now Available in 2″

Starborn has a new, shorter version of their Cap-Tor xd screw that is designed to attach PVC and composite decking to rooftop sleeper systems or for use in other applications where the standard 2-1/2″ or 2-3/4″ Starborn Cap-Tor xd Deck Screw is simply too large for the job. Clint DeBoer updated his deck with Deckorators Vista Composite Decking and used […]