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StudPop magnetic stud finders

StudPop Magnetic Stud Finder Review

StudPops Create a Stir at PTR Headquarters “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” How many times has we heard that from our parents, friends, coworkers, and even media sources? It seems that I am guilty once again. When I was first approached about the StudPop magnetic stud finder, I thought it was a cute […]

DeWalt 12V Max Hand Held Wall Scanner

DeWalt 12V Wall Scanner Penetrates Drywall, Wood, Concrete, and Tile

DeWalt 12V Wall Scanner (DCT419) Detects 5 Embedded Materials Without Changing Settings The DeWalt 12V Wall Scanner promises to have several advantages over models from Milwaukee and Bosch. The new hand scanner runs on the DeWalt 12V Max platform of batteries, so there’s no need to worry about having a mess of alkalines in wait. […]

Ryobi Phone Works

Introducing Ryobi Phone Works

Remember when a cell phone was just a phone? Yeah, those days are way behind us now. We surf the web, text, check and send email, fling ill-tempered birds around, and now… use it for professional level measuring applications thanks to Ryobi Phone Works. First of all, unlike many useful but annoying apps, Ryobi Phone […]

Zircon MetalliScanner x8 Preview

Zircon has always been, to us, one of those companies that is a staple in the construction industry. When they release a new product, we take notice. When that product is a rebar-finder priced under $200, we REALLY take notice. This is the Zircon MetalliScanner x8. Zircon MetalliScanner x8 Features The new Zircon MetalliScanner x8 gives […]

Bosch D-Tect 150 Wallscanner plumbing

Bosch D-Tect 150 Wallscanner Preview

We recently got back from Bosch’s Global Leadership Tour media event and were fascinated by all the new tools they are working on. One tool that we saw LAST year, however, was the Bosch WallscannerD-Tect 150. This tool uses Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radar technology and is the first detector at a sub-$1000 price point that detects rebar, water-filled PVC, copper piping (non-ferrous metal), wood studs and live wiring. The BoschD-Tect 150 does more than detect these materials, though, it gives the user material type, depth, and relative width information. The D-Tect 150 works through concrete, wet concrete, and even deep concrete up to 6″. In fact, you can use it in any of seven surface modes.

Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 Review

Zircon MT6 MetalliScanner Review

Ever wonder if they put all the hurricane strapping in your house or if your concrete slab is reinforced with steel? Well you don’t have to wonder any more if you use a Zircon MT6 MetalliScanner. This tool will locate and indicate the approximate depth of both magnetic and non-magnetic metals up to 6″ deep in most all nonmetallic construction materials. With this tool, you can figure out where the metal is before your expensive drill bit or saw blade does.