March 2, 2021

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Hart Tools Professional 9-LED Stud Finder

See the Whole Stud with the Hart Professional Stud Finder There are a lot of reasons you need to find a stud on a finished wall. No matter what project is on your list, the Hart Tools Professional 9-LED Stud Finder is an easy-to-use and accurate option. Pros No calibration needed Easy operation Detects the […]

Best Stud Finder Reviews 2020 | Pro Tool Reviews

Best Stud Finder Reviews 2021

Stud finders are great for locating the studs behind your walls. The tried-and-true “tap and guess” method might work in a pinch, but how many holes do you really want in your wall? Grabbing the best stud finder can help eliminate some of the frustration and repainting that comes from less modern methods. With a […]

Zircon SuperScan K3 Stud Finder

Zircon SuperScan K3 Stud Finder

Zircon Makes Big Advances in Stud Finding with SuperScan K3 Zircon has the next evolution in stud finding technology primed and ready to hit the jobsite any day now. Tuned to find wood studs while simultaneously filtering out all things metallic, the Zircon Superscan K3 Stud Finder virtually eliminates false positive stud indications to give […]

How To Use A Stud Finder

How to Use a Stud Finder: Tips from the Pros

Understanding how to use a stud finder can ultimately save you a lot of frustration and money on repairs. Our Pros actually use these tools quite a bit, and we asked them to share their best practices. A great example of needing to know how to use a stud finder comes when mounting a TV […]

Franklin Stud Finder T13

Franklin Stud Finder Review – ProSensor 710 and T13

While advanced wall scanners exist, it’s the stud finder that we keep coming back to again and again. Franklin Sensors has completely redesigned the ProSensor 710 and it’s both unique and amazing. The new ProSensor 710 uses an array of 13 LED lights to instantly compare data across a full 7″ measurement scanning area. It will detect anything within that area and do it without requiring you to slide the sensor across the wall, though you can do that if you want to. The result is fast scanning that seems to be more accurate – and definitely faster – than any stud finder we’ve yet used. We’re just amazed no one thought of this sooner.

StudPop Level: A Better Stud Finder?

StudPop Level: A Better Stud Finder?

The StudPop is an update on the humble magnetic stud finder. Swap out the old magnet and pop in a rare earth magnet and you get a more effective model. It’s just as simple to use as the old one in my Dad’s toolbox and a couple of levels up in effectiveness. Now we have […]

Franklin Prosensor T6 Stud Finder

Franklin Prosensor T6 Stud Finder Review

Stud finders are relatively simple in concept – use an electronic scan to detect changes in wall density. That change in density is a stud most of the time and simple measurement between detections will verify it for you. But the form and function of electronic stud finders vary quite a bit. The Franklin Prosensor […]

Ryobi Whole Stud Detector

Ryobi Whole Stud Detector Review

You probably know a guy that tests the limits of well-worn jokes by holding a stud finder to himself and saying, “beep!” Maybe you are that guy, in which case it somehow doesn’t get any less funny. Well before you can’t fit your head through a door’s rough opening, let me introduce the Ryobi Whole […]