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Hilti PS 50 Multidetector Preview

Hilti PS 50 Multidetector-application

The Hilti PS 50 Multidetector is designed to help contractors drill in the right place the first time. Knowing where to make a hole in the ground or on a wall saves time—besides the obvious benefits of avoiding unnecessary costly repairs and drill bits. With its ability to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal, live wire, plastic pipes, wood and cavities, the multidetector surely is a real problem solver, especially for renovation projects. We first saw this technology in the Bosch D-Tect 150 Wallscanner, but it looks like Hilti is getting into the game and offering a device that—at least on the surface—is very similar in design and features.

The Hilti PS 50 Multidetector features an easy menu navigation that lets you select the appropriate setting depending on the type of base material. By “easy”, Hilti means no expert skills are needed to use the concrete scanner. With just a little training, you and your crew should be ready to put the Hilti PS 50 to work. Along with their lifetime service, the Hilti PS 50 is backed up with calibration service that help ensures the device’s reliability and accuracy.

Whether you’re getting ready to penetrate a floor or a wall, you have to know what’s behind it. Piercing a water line, cutting IT cables, or sending a spade bit through electrical wires isn’t just a costly mistake – it’s dangerous. Tools like the Hilti PS 50 Mutlidetector are indispensable when it comes to eliminating guesswork by locating and identifying unseen hazards.

Hilti PS 50 MultidetectorHilti PS 50 Multidetector Applications

  • Drilling anchor holes or through penetrations for pipe and cable installation
  • Locating underfloor heating pipes or other pipe and cable runs
  • Setting anchors in hollow or thermally activated slabs

Hilti PS 50 Multidetector Key Features

  • Self-calibrating tool
  • Pulsed radar technology
  • Built-in display
  • Indicates approximate embedment depth and type of material
  • Easy menu navigation
  • 6″ maximum detection depth

Hilti PS 50 Multidetector Specifications

  • Depth Accuracy: ±3/8 in.
  • IP Protection Rating: IP 54 (IEC 529)
  • Power Source: 4 x 1.5 V (AA)
  • Run Time with Rechargeable Batteries: (2500 mAh) 7 h
  • Run Time with Alkaline Batteries: 5 h
  • Operating Temperature Range: 14 – 122 °F
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.7 in. x 3.5 in. x 3 in
  • Maximum Detection Depth: 6″
  • Warranty: Hilti’s Lifetime Service and Fleet Management Service
  • Price: $1,439

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