October 18, 2021

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Skil 10-Inch Table Saw

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand Review TS6307-00

Skil 15-Amp Table Saw is the Best $300 Table Saw We’ve Tested For the DIYer and budget-conscious Pro, the Skil 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw makes sense for a variety of reasons. Not only does it have the power and capacity to tackle hardwood cutting, but it also features a foldable stand. While not a worm […]

Craftsman 10-in Table Saw | $199 DIY Saw

Craftsman Precision on the Job or in the Shop Take the Craftsman 10-in table saw to the job site or leave it in the shop. Either way, Craftsman designed this inexpensive saw for portability. They appear to have packed a good combination of stability, precision, and durability into a budget table saw. Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Key […]

Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2020 - 8-1/4" Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw 8 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw 8-1/4-inch Worm Drive Table Saw Addresses Portability and Improvements One of the upcoming tools we saw at World of Concrete 2020 was the Skilsaw 8 1/4-inch worm drive table saw. UL’s regulation on table size and blade diameter ratios are driving the need and Skilsaw took the opportunity to make some improvements. Why Build […]

Kobalt Portable Table Saw bevel adjustment


The updated Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT10152 changes only a few things from the budget-friendly KT1015 job site table saw we reviewed a few years ago. Kobalt removed the outfeed support but increased the left rip capacity by 3-inches. They also adjusted the sliding rip fence so it now locks into place with a single […]

Metabo HPT MultiVolt table saw guard

Metabo HPT 10-inch MultiVolt Table Saw Review C3610DRJQ4

The Metabo HPT 10-inch MultiVolt Table Saw doesn’t need to compromise on cutting capacity or power because it offers both 36V battery and AC options. We’ve used this table saw to build a bar in an Orlando restaurant, trim out several jobs, and even cut up a stack of pressure-treated wood for making gate posts. […]

Metabo HPT cordless table saw

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw – Cordless or Corded

The 10-inch Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw (model C3610DRJQ4) has finally arrived. The new table saw runs on the company’s 36V MultiVolt battery platform. It can also, however, use the MultiVolt AC/DC corded adapter for corded operation. This tool marks one of the most anticipated uses of the new MultiVolt AC/DC adapter since its inception […]

Hitachi MultiVolt Tools

Hitachi MultiVolt Tools Are Here – And They’re Metabo HPT

Hitachi MultiVolt tools are coming this September with a focus on improving cordless tool power on their new 36V system. To understand the direction Hitachi is taking, it’s helpful to understand their philosophy on the cordless tool side. It’s all about portability first and being able to cut the cord second. 18V gets you the […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee Cordless Table Saw Review 2736-21HD

Milwaukee Cordless Table Saw Review 2736-21HD

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless table saw (2736-21HD) is certainly a welcome addition to the M18 Fuel line of cordless tools. one of its few competitors includes the DeWalt FlexVolt table saw model. We do have at least some comparisons we can make across these cordless saws. However, if we’re talking about moving to a […]

Felder sliding table saw K 940 S

Felder Sliding Table Saw K 940 S: Production Woodworking Made Easy

Rolling solidly into the category of “Life-Changing Tools” is the K 940 S Felder sliding table saw. In case the Felder name is new to you, it’s an Austrian brand under the Felder Group that also includes Format 4 (high-end CNC), Hammer (more affordability for smaller shops), Nr.1 Machine Market (used machinery marketplace), and Silent-Power […]

Skilsaw Table Saw Video Review

Skilsaw Table Saw Video Review SPT99-12

When Skilsaw delivered their heavy-duty table saw to our shop, I wondered just how much of a difference moving from the 70-series to the 99-series motor would really make. Skilsaw’s original worm drive table saw is lightweight and reasonably powerful. So does the heavy-duty Skilsaw table saw offer enough extra muscle and features to make […]