October 26, 2021

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General SMART Automated Table Saw

General International Adds Touchscreen Automation to SMART Table Saw

General has a new line of table saws for 2021 with their own patent-pending brand of automation. The General SMART Automated Table Saw offers precision cutting that requires little more than punching in your settings and letting the saw do the hard work.

10-Second Summary

  • SMART tech offers automation capabilities for precision cutting
  • Easily program blade depth and angle as well as fence adjustments
  • Left tilting angles ranging from 0-45º, 36- and 52-inch rip capacities, and 3 and 5 hp options available
  • Also available: SMART Table Saw Retro Fence enhances existing table saws

Work SMARTer, Not Harder

The General Automated Table Saw offers a level of robotic precision and convenience previously unseen on lower-priced cabinet-style table saws. It features a SMART digital keypad that sits on the front of the fence. Here, you can punch in your desired blade depth and angle. The table saw does the rest, adjusting itself to your settings.

General SMART Automated Table Saw LCD screen

The General SMART saw also features an automated fence which you can also adjust via the SMART keypad. After zeroing out the fence, you can plug any cut dimension into the system and let the saw create the precise rip cut.

The SMART fence on the General Automated Table Saw is particularly helpful with repetitive cuts. By touching the button, the fence adjusts to exactly where you need it.

general miter gauge blade fence

General offers the Automated Table Saw in four different models that range from 36 in. to 52 in. rip capacities with either 3hp or 5hp motors. Prices for the SMART table saws range from $3,899.99 to $4,099.99.

Even More SMARTness

General also plans to enhance the table saw you have already. The General SMART Table Saw Retro Fence is the first digital, automated consumer table saw fence system, and it ought to hit the market sometime soon.

You’ll be able to mount the Retro Fence to any table saw with a 27-in. to 30-in. table depth. It will come in both 36-in. and 52-in. rip capacities.

For more information about the General SMART Automated Table Saw or the upcoming Retro Rip Fence, check out the General International Tools website by clicking here.

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Thought General closed years ago, who knew. Looks like they are going to offer this fence as a retro fit soon also.

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