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Skilsaw Table Saw Video Review

Skilsaw Table Saw Video Review SPT99-12

When Skilsaw delivered their heavy-duty table saw to our shop, I wondered just how much of a difference moving from the 70-series to the 99-series motor would really make. Skilsaw’s original worm drive table saw is lightweight and reasonably powerful. So does the heavy-duty Skilsaw table saw offer enough extra muscle and features to make […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw

So we’ve spent some time with the new Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw to see what’s different from Skilsaw’s first worm drive table saw and where it fits in the realm of the best jobsite table saws. There’s a lot to love on the SPT70WT-22 worm drive table saw. We really like the […]


Ridgid R45171 10″ Compact Table Saw

Coming to Home Depot in November, the Ridgid R45171 10″ Compact Table Saw is the company’s newest entry into the table saw market. This updated Ridgid model has many of the same features as the last table saw offering, but housed in a more compact frame and stand. Same Specs, Smaller Body The interesting thing […]

Review8.9(out of 10)
Hitachi 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ Review

The marketplace determined a while back that professional job site table saws should feature 10-inch blades powered by 15-amp motors with convenient, folding stands with wheels for transport and storage. There are exceptions to the rule but, by-and-large, that’s what you’ll find. Yet Pro table saws are different in rip capacity, fence design, build quality, […]

Festool connect

Highlights from Festool Connect 2017

Each year, those lucky enough to live near Lebanon, Indiana get the chance to come over and buy refurbished Festool tools at prices well under retail. It’s a huge event for Pros and Shop Tool Reviews Director, Tim Johnson was there to cover it along with Shop Tool Reviews Chief Designer and Owner, Jon Bucklew. […]


Festool Buys SawStop – Acquisition Announced by SawStop

“Festool Buys SawStop!” That’s what text lit up my phone early Monday afternoon and my mind began to spin. My first thought was to double check the source – you know, there’s all that fake news running around. But sure enough, SawStop’s website carries the press release announcing the acquisition by Festool parent company, TTS […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw

DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw Review

The DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw (DCS7485) let Pros take an early leap of faith into the FlexVolt system. If anything, this table saw would prove whether a 60V platform could really usher in the cordless jobsite. So far, I’ve been impressed at how the DeWalt FlexVolt miter saw solved the problem of power on a 12-inch […]

Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw Shootout - Featured Image

Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw Shootout!

We put our hands on 10 of the most popular table saws and tested them for accuracy, power, and functionality. It took some time, but we have some fairly conclusive results. Table saws are undeniably the kings of rip cuts on the jobsite and in shops. The concept is simple: Place a motor below a solid […]

SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx Flesh Detection Comparison

SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx Flesh Detection Comparison

We spent a lot of time setting up and performing tests where I put my hand in the spinning blade on both SawStop’s and Bosch’s jobsite safety table saw. We did the same tests for both saw and showed you the results. To say the least, they were illuminating. But those videos on their own […]

Bosch vs Sawstop

Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

With all the excitement about the Bosch ReaXX 1041A table saw, we thought it might be good to compare it against the new SawStop Jobsite table saw. We might even throw in some references to the tried and true Bosch 4100-09 table saw. Having used both saws extensively now, we wanted to make sure our readers could understand the […]