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DIY Spark Plug Thread Chaser Lifehack

Why Buy a Spark Plug Thread Chaser When You Can Make Your Own? I pulled out my generator to make sure everything is ready for hurricane season when I discovered some damage to the spark plug threads. Even though they looked pretty good, the top few had some cross-threading damage and I couldn’t get the […]

Utility Knife Pro Lifehack - Do More Than Cut Boxes

Utility Knife Marking Tool Lifehack for Pros

Ditch the pencil and grab your best utility knife. If you’re a tradesman or just particularly handy, then you naturally value resourcefulness. Sometimes we don’t have a tool at hand and need to improvise because the situation demands it. That happens when you use a square nose shovel to remove shingles…or you Today, we’re taking […]

Sola Big Red 3 Box Spirit Level Action Drawer

Check Bubble Level and Rafter Square Accuracy

Whether you’re just starting out or have worked for years in the trades, you should know that tools need to stay accurate. One of our favorite tool maintenance tips centers around how to check bubble level and rafter square accuracy. Levels can get knocked out of level if they are roughly treated or dropped one […]

How to Make a Perfect Cross Cut

How to Make a Perfect Cross Cut: Pro Tip Video

One of the things we love about apprenticeship is the idea that seasoned veterans pass on knowledge to the new guys. And let’s face it – we’re constantly learning new things! In this video, we look at how to make a perfect cross cut. So set up your sawhorses and grab a scrap piece of […]