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Richelieu MaJIG Puck Light Installation Jig Preview

Richelieu Majig

Finally! Puck Light Installation Made Easy with the Richelieu MaJIG

There are times that I see a tool and immediately think of a dozen projects I’d like to use it on. The Richelieu MaJIG puck light installation jig is one of those tools, and I want it right now. First of all, about puck lights. These are the lights that we often call undercabinet lighting and can also be found on a variety of different things around the house. Furniture pieces that include built in lighting can cost $100’s more than their unlit counterparts.

Why not tackle those kind of projects on your own?

Honestly, the task seems intimidating. It’s too easy to put a hole completely through the work surface with a spade or Forstner bit. Figuring out where to run the wiring so that the installation has some semblance of being clean leaves many with a puzzled look and no answers. Those are the kind of obstacles that the Richelieu MaJIG helps to overcome.

Richelieu has a video overview on their website that makes the installation process make a lot more sense. You start by selecting the correct size Forster bit to make the hole for your puck light. The kit includes 2-1/8″ and 2-1/4″ bits. If you need a different size, you’ll want to pick one up at your local hardware store.

The Richelieu MaJIG will help you select the correct drilling depth so that you don’t go through your cabinet or other work surface. From the other side of the jig, you drill a hole with the included 3/8″ drill bit (12 inches long) for the wire. This allows it to run completely hidden from the light to the back of the material. Richelieu offers some helpful tips to line up your installation points correctly. It really seems like this is a solid solution for those that want to add some discrete lighting in a variety of places. Below are several applications that I am hoping to add some puck lighting to.

Richelieu MaJIG Puck Light Installation Ideas

  • Under cabinets
  • Over cabinets
  • Plant shelves
  • Computer Desks
  • Workshop Shelving
  • Bookshelves
  • Curio or China Cabinets
  • Custom Painting/Photo Frames

So far, I’ve only found the Richelieu MaJIG through their website and retail locations. You can get your MaJIG directly from Richelieu for $349.99.

Take a look at the video!

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Keep your eyes open for the review on this one in April!

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