Full Line of DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers Announced

DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers Family

From our friends in Maryland comes a new and complete family of DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers. To make sure that you’re all in with the Yellow and Black on the jobsite, DeWalt also has a couple of compressors and their own line of fasteners to pair up. The new line boasts 11 tools ranging from 15 gauge finish nailers through framing and metal connection nailers and staplers. Each of these pneumatics from DeWalt is in the realm of their “Guaranteed Tough” series and is designed to be compact and light weight. Clint DeBoer and Mike Hurta were able to see these at the DeWalt Media Event last Wednesday and are already lining up models for review.

DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers: Finish Nailers

The big deal for DeWalt’s pneumatic finish nailers is the Precision Point Technology. Similar to the Bostitch SmartPoint nailer technology, this starts with a smaller nose that improves visibility and by extension, the accuracy in placing fasteners. It also eliminates the requirement to push against the work material, reducing the chance of damage during installation. All three weigh less than 4 pounds and are bump/sequential fire selectable.

Additional Features 

  • Oil Free Operation
  • Protective Bumper
  • Tool Free Jam Release
  • Adjustable Belt Hook
  • Rear Exhaust
  • Dial-a-Depth Control
  • Integrated Pencil Sharpener
  • Swivel Air Fitting
  • Air Blower (15 gauge only)
  • 16 Inch On Center Gauge (15 gauge only)

DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers: Finish Stapler

The DeWalt Finish Stapler drives 18 gauge staples with a 1/4 inch crown and a range of 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ lengths. It features oil free operation, thumbwheel depth control, rear exhaust, and is contact/sequential selectable. The included belt hook is reversible and the kit includes 1/4″ swivel air fitting, carrying case, and sample fasteners.

DeWalt Pneumatic Nailers: Construction Tools

What we’re most excited about in this line are some of the innovative features in the metal connection nailer (or positive placement strap nailer). If this new line is a family, then the metal connecting nailer is the patriarch. Weighing in at 4.6 pounds, it’s designed to fit between 12 inch on center joists as well as other tight spaces and corners. It features an exposed tip design that DeWalt hasn’t used before—very different from the Paslode Strap nailer we’ve reviewed in the past. By exposing the tip of the fastener, user will be able to accurately place the nailer before firing.

All of the construction nailers and staplers are also designed to be lightweight, compact, and ergonomic while remaining durable.

New DeWalt Pneumatic Nailer Family Members

DeWalt Fastners

  • 18 Gauge Brad Nails
  • 18 Gauge Narrow Crown Staples
  • 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nails
  • 15 Gauge “DA” Angled Finish Nails
  • 15 Degree Coil Framing Nails
  • 15 Degree Coil Sliding Nails
  • Metal Connector Nails
  • 21 Degree Plastic Collated Framing Nails
  • 30 Degree Paper Collated Framing Nails
  • 16 Gauge Lathing Staples
  • Caps
  • Staples

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