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4 Comments on "Best Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer"

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David S

I also tried to post on the hedge trimmer shootout review, and as Chris S states, the Captcha isn’t working properly.
After reading all of the pros and cons for each hedge trimmer, I have to ask why is “Didn’t finish at the bottom anywhere” listed as a con for the Milwaukee? Wouldn’t that be a benefit, a pro?

Chris S
I tried to post this on the review, but the captcha thing consistently didn’t work… Having owned and used the Echo trimmer for 2 seasons and the Milwaukee for 1, I can without a doubt say that they are not in the same class. Due to your scoring they may be “tied” but you definitely omitted some egregious points with the echo. 1. The echo is far from balanced and with all the weight towards the back, it is not fun to transition from horizontal to vertical cuts in rapid succession (even with the lighter weight 2AH battery that was… Read more »
Robert Pressly

What about Kobalt?


Why did you leave out the DeWalt 20v hedge trimmer?