Rechargeable Coast Flashlights Preview

We’ve been fans of Coast flashlights for quite some time, but until now they’ve run on alkaline batteries. That’s all changed with the introduction of three new rechargeable Coast flashlights, including the A25R, A22R and A9R. All three flashlights have high quality stainless steel shells and are easy to clean. As a bonus, the  A25R and A22R flashlights feature COAST’s new Dual Power Flex Charging System, with a tail cap that pops up to reveal a mini USB port, and a removable lithium battery cartridge that can be replaced by standard alkaline batteries if needed. The A9R is a thinner pen-style rechargeable flashlight that docks into an included USB charging port.

Rechargeable Coast Flashlights Pricing

Price: $149 A25R, $124 A22R, $99 A9R.

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