Knipex Electronics Pliers Get an Update

Knipex Electronics Pliers

Knipex Electronics Pliers Receive Durability, Dexterity, and Service Life Upgrades

So far as I’ve can tell from the r/tools subreddit, Knipex has a very loyal following. This is for good reason seeing how they make a nice line of pliers. There’s even more cause for rejoicing for you Knipex fans out there because they’ve gone and re-engineered Knipex electronics pliers.

10-Second Summary

  • Update includes more than 80 different box joint electronics diagonal cutters, end cutting nippers, and gripping pliers
  • Improved manufacturing process boosts overall performance
  • Ball bearing steel base material increases service life
  • Upgrades also target greater comfort that requires less effort with longer handles
  • Rounded jaw edges improve accessibility without damaging surrounding components
  • Other improvements are specific to each type of pliers

What Knipex Has To Say About Their New Pliers

“Every detail that went into making our Electronics Pliers is designed to meet the rigorous standards of professionals working on small components who need tools they can trust. From the proprietary manufacturing process to the steel and new handles, our updated Electronics Pliers are made with the user in mind with emphasis on comfort, reliability, and performance.”

-Peter Grable, product manager, Knipex Tools

What Exactly did Knipex Upgrade?

Knipex Electronics Pliers

It starts from scratch with a complete re-engineering of their over-80-tools-deep line of Knipex electronics pliers. This includes their box joint diagonal cutters, end cutting nippers, and gripping pliers.

They’re touting a unique manufacturing process. At this point, mum’s the word about what that process actually entails, but the end result is pliers using ball-bearing steel as their base material that employs a large, double-guided box joint design. According to Knipex, you get longer life with no backlash.

There’s also a focus on ergonomics. We see this in the longer handle design, which requires less hand force and physical effort to manipulate. You should also see better dexterity and control.

Knipex Electronics Pliers

Additionally, Knipex is rounding the edges off of the head of the new pliers to give you better accessibility in tighter spots. That design trait also keeps you from inadvertently damaging other components in close proximity. It also improves the service life of each tool with better force distribution to the pliers’ head.

Final Thoughts

The Knipex electronics pliers upgrades come in a full line of gripping and cutting options, all with different jaw types, joint, head, and handle styles. You also have your choice of various bevel types in the cutting plier line.

A range of other features is available for many of the models as well, including a lead catcher, double springs, electrostatic discharge handles, and carbide cutting edges.

Are you using any of the new Knipex electronics pliers? Tell us what you think about them in the comments below!


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